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Our community can always count on Metro United Way to help meet the needs of today related to education, income and health. But we are dedicated with a new focus on educational initiatives to address longer-term issues in order to reduce the needs of tomorrow. We believe a good education leads to a higher income and a healthier lifestyle for all; we’re driving long term tactics that will help all children enter kindergarten ready to learn and ensure that all youth will complete high school on time prepared for college, work and life.

Metro United Way Success By 6 believes that successful children make successful communities, and we’re starting to see the results with our participating children achieving more. From his first month to his fifth birthday, Ages & Stages Questionnaires will help you be even more in tune with how your child is growing and developing.

By doing some fun, simple activities with your child and filling out the Questionnaires, you'll get more ideas on how to help him keep growing and learning. If he needs any extra support to work on a skill, you'll also get information on what you can do to help him and who you can talk to about it.

By helping him now, you're preparing him to be successful in school - and life!

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