2-1-1 Supports Louisville Linked and JCPS Students

Children only spend 9% of their lives in school, and it’s important that they are able to engage with their teacher and classmates during that time. If a child’s basic needs are not met – if they are coming to school sick or hungry – they may not be able to focus or perform to their highest potential.

Metro United Way – along with Jefferson County Public Schools and Louisville Linked – is working to remove barriers to learning by connecting students in need with the resources that can help.

Our 2-1-1 help referral service supports our community’s students and educators by connecting them to the organizations approved by Louisville Linked to provide support to JCPS students.

Simple things that many of us may take for granted – like a winter coat – can make a big impact on a child’s learning. A JCPS teacher recently had a student come to her class crying. The student told her that he had been standing in the cold for 35 minutes and that he didn’t have a warm coat. Through use of Louisville Linked, the family resource staff was able to secure warm winter coats for this student, as well as others, the very next day.

2-1-1 is a place where caseworkers, counselors and educators know they will find the information they need to help their students and their families.

Metro United Way has helped over 444,300 people through 2-1-1 services since the program launched eight years ago. In addition to supporting Louisville Linked, 2-1-1 also supports other educational programs, military support groups and emergency management agencies.

Remember, 2-1-1 is the number to call when you don’t know who to call. This is one way that Metro United Way creates connections to reach our vision of a community whose people achieve their fullest potential through education, financial stability and healthy lives.


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