95% of Parents Agree That ASQ Really Helps!

For parents of newborns and young children, tracking developmental milestones between “well” doctor’s visits might be something we don’t think is necessary. However, learning that a child drinking from an open cup improves oral communication skills and eventually helps them communicate with peers will give you confidence that your child is developing the way they should. By simply filling out Metro United Way’s free and confidential Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ), you can track your child’s development against milestones such as these.

With the ASQ, there are a series of three questionnaires per year and with each one an age-appropriate book is provided for free. For some parents in our community, these books might be the only books they have in their homes. ASQ identifies strengths and provides activities for parents and children to help and encourage learning for children from birth to six years old for lifelong success. If a child needs assistance or a parent has a concern in an area, information about resources and support is provided.

An essential part of ASQ is the personal phone calls by our ASQ staff who help answer questions and also offer advice for further information or referral. Here are a few quotes from some of the 1,403 families that currently participate in ASQ:

“This program and filling out the questionnaires is what really allowed me to get the OT (occupational therapy). He would have slipped through the cracks otherwise.”

“My son’s transition to kindergarten was smooth and wonderful…he received his first progress report at the end of October and he is right on track!”

“I truly appreciate the articles and your time. I have adjusted my daughter’s bedtime and that seemed to help as well as the manner in which I respond to her when she is ‘feisty’.”

“Thank you so much for the information. I had no idea that JCPS even offered therapy sessions to preschoolers, let alone that it was free.”

“I got helpful tips on getting her to eat better. We can now eat dinner together a lot smoother.”

95.5 percent of parents in ASQ have found it to be helpful and 91.8 percent have a better understanding of their child’s development after participating. For those parents and caregivers who wish to connect with others and receive more updates and information, there is also a private Facebook group to join once they have filled out the ASQ.

For more information or to enrole in the program and fill out the first in the series of ASQ, click HERE.


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