A Healthy Start is a Smart Start

When thinking about being healthy, we tend to think about what we eat or our exercise routines, but it’s important to remember that ever-important space between the ears that is critical to our wellbeing: our brains!

And this is especially crucial for the first five years of a child’s life, when 90% of brain development happens. Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher because everyday moments are brain-building opportunities – at home, at the park, playing games, reading to or even singing with your child. Children are wired to learn through play, where they gain important skills like problem-solving and controlling impulses. They also learn how much fun physical activity can be, so be your child’s playmate because it’s mutually beneficial!

Healthy bodies also support growth, providing building blocks needed for a child to be successful and thrive. Children need the benefits of sleep, nutritious food, physical activities and preventative health care to grow up healthy and strong. And preventative care can help avoid health issues that disrupt learning; children who are healthy perform better in school and have better odds of graduating high school on time prepared for college and life.

Learn more about how to build wellness awareness for your child that includes nutrition and exercise. Helping our children learn and grow as much as possible during the crucial early years gives them a boost that will make a difference from kindergarten to career!


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