Addressing The Whole Family

Metro United Way’s Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) program tracks a child’s development from birth to kindergarten, helping parents ensure their children are on track so that they can help them learn and grow as much as possible during their crucial early years. We’ve found that families who participate in the ASQ often gain more support and resources that ensure their family stability and success than just for the children alone.

One of our ASQ participants, Mary*, began filling outAges & Stages Questionnaires for her son when he was 12 months old. At first, he seemed to be developing on track, but after completing her fourth questionnaire, her now 2-year-old son started having major tantrums while seeming to fall behind normal development for children his age.

His ASQ results indicated that he needed assistance in his social and emotional development, so our ASQ administration expert referred her to an organization that could help and provided her with information that would also help her choose a quality childcare center for him.

Six months later, Mary’s son needed additional medical resources when he was diagnosed with a physical disability. Now she also needed family support groups that were specific to her child’s disability. And when she revealed that she was caring for her mother and two younger brothers as well as her son’s growing special needs, our ASQ team directed her to the Kentucky’s Family Resource and Youth Services Center (FRYSC) to get help for the entire family’s basic needs.

By enrolling in our Ages and Stages Questionnaires program, Mary’s entire family gained support through the efforts to ensure her son gained the boost he needed that would make a difference from kindergarten to career. Today, her three and a half year old son is enrolled in school and doing well!

Remember, ASQ offers confidential support and resources to help improve outcomes, especially for children who may be behind. It’s quick, easy and free to gain access to these tools through Metro United Way!

*Name has been changed.


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