2019 Metro United Way Ambassador Training

Welcome to the 2019 Metro United Way Ambassador Training Page! On this site, you will find a series of videos and exercises that will help you familiarize yourself with the Metro United Way mission and develop your own United Way story to share on the campaign trail.

The role of an Ambassador is to raise awareness of the impact Metro United Way is having in our community and to invite current and potential donors to invest in the work. A successful campaign means a great deal to the community we serve. Thank you for volunteering in this important role.

To complete the training, all you need is a computer with a video player and about 1 to 1.5 hours to go through the exercises at your own pace. Please follow the links below, in order, for the best training experience:

STEP 1: Introduction

Metro United Way Mission Overview & Developing Your Story

Step 2: MUW Spotlight - Early Childhood Success

Step 3: MUW Spotlight - Youth Success

Step 4: MUW Spotlight - Financial Independence

Step 5: MUW Spotlight - Healthy Lives

Step 6: MUW Spotlight - Equity

Step 7: Storytelling Exercises & Sample Scripts

Final Step: Survey

Thank you for completing the 2019 Metro United Way Ambassador Training! Please take 3-5 minutes to rate this training, answer a few questions and share your feedback.


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