ASQ: Joy, Curiosity & Strong Families

Metro United Way’s Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) program tracks a child’s development from birth to kindergarten, helping parents ensure their children are on track so that they can help them learn and grow as much as possible during their crucial early years. We’ve found that families who participate in the ASQ often gain support and resources that not only support their children, but also ensure their family stability and success.

One of the invaluable resources provided to ASQ families is a monthly field trip experience. Recently, kids and families in our Neighborhood ASQ Parent Network visited The Speed Art Museum – Kentucky’s oldest and largest art museum – that just completed a 3-year renovation.

The kids were excited to engage with the new hands-on interaction stations and even felt like they were meeting rock stars with the local musicians who were performing there! There was so much joy and curiosity that more field trips are planned for the children to enjoy the The Speed Art Museum; it’s easy because admission on Sundays is free. Their next scheduled field trip is a walk across the Big Four Bridge, followed by an Easter Egg hunt at the Louisville Waterfront!

The skills a child develops during their first six years are crucial to their lifelong success. And when families and neighborhoods engage in education, our kids are better prepared for school, have higher academic achievement, better social skills and an increased likelihood to graduate high school on time – a win for us all!

The ASQ program is easy and free to gain access to: simply enroll your child in the ASQ program here or download the complete brochure here.


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