ASQ Toy Drive A Huge Success!

Recently Metro United Way led a toy drive within our community specifically for 150 children in our Neighborhood Ages & Stages Questionnaires Parent Network in Louisville. We reached more than our original goal, and now these educational toys are in the hands of parents or caregivers to give their child for Christmas to enjoy playful learning!

We know that when families and neighborhoods engage in education, our kids are better prepared for school, have higher academic achievement, better social skills and an increased likelihood of high school graduation. Metro United Way parent advocates work together with low-income families in our California, Russell and Portland neighborhoods, building networks by starting with a trusted leader in each neighborhood that has a passion for children and learning.

The families benefit from regular interaction, learning opportunities, parental support, field trips, reading clubs, potluck dinners and family-centered events. And at a recent parent network holiday party, volunteers helped the children make holiday cards while moms, dads and caregivers were allowed to “shop” for their kids among the donated toys to take home, wrap and surprise their children with for the holidays.

Thanks to all who helped provide toys; your generosity is helping children enter kindergarten ready to learn and succeed in life!


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