Begindergarten Increases Knowledge by 31%

Research shows that success in school begins before kids ever set foot in a kindergarten classroom. Unfortunately, there are many kids in our community who don’t have the benefit of attending high quality preschool programs to help prepare them to learn.

This past summer, Metro United Way created a pilot program – Begindergarten – that served 24 students who were preparing to enter two kindergarten classrooms at Green Valley Elementary School in Floyd County, where 93% of the students receive free or reduced lunch.

Begindergarten targeted children who hadn’t had the opportunity to attend preschool – many of whom didn’t recognize the letters of the alphabet and couldn’t count to ten. This four week program focused on developing the children both academically and socially. The teachers worked with students on number and letter recognition in the classroom, and outside, they spent days teaching children to ride the bus, which is important for their own safety.

Results from pre and post tests showed that, on average, the students increased their knowledge by 31%. In comparison to results from similar programs across Indiana, Green Valley Begindergarten ranked fourth highest in the entire state in overall improvement of kindergarten readiness scores.

Programs and results like these will help all our children enter kindergarten ready to learn
so that they achieve their fullest potential in life!


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