Stand with us.
Until everyone is on their feet.

Facebook birthday fundraisers are an easy way to support your favorite charity and we’d like to make our case to be your favorite. Maybe we could be your favorite based on the 43,000 free meals we provided last year. Or perhaps because of the beds we build for kids who need them. Could our efforts to get all kids ready for kindergarten or our work with quality out-of-school time programs sway you? If not, what about the fact that we secured over $15 million in tax returns with our free tax assistance program? Or, possibly, we’re your favorite just on the sheer amount of good we do in the community. Whatever your reason, we’d be grateful if you chose us.

Turn your friends’ dollars into change.

$1 (about the cost of a candy bar) = Food and shelter for one person for one day.

$5 (about the cost of a cup of coffee) = Diapers, wipes, and soy milk formula for 5 kids.

$10 (about the cost of lunch) = One week of youth programming and food for 20 kids.

$25 (about the cost of a show ticket) = Six months of budgeting classes and financial training for 28 people.

Every donation matters and every donation helps someone get back on their feet.

Set up your fundraiser. It’s easy.

Just click the link below to get started.
Step 1: Click “Select a charity.”
Step 2: Search for “Metro United Way.”
Step 3: Fill out your details when prompted.


Sign up and find out about everything we’re doing for people in the community. Or how you can help us make a difference.