Healthy Lives

  • Mission Moment Monday – Patty Belden

    ElderServe CEO Patty Belden has been dedicated to service for as long as she can remember, but [...]

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  • Coming full circle: Zach Kalley, UPS

    UPS affects many lives across our community through their contributions to Metro United Way [...]

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  • United Community: Utilizing our Strengths

    It’s been six months since we launched United Community and its early success [...]

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  • Farmers Feeding Families: Mulberry Orchard

    The Farmers Feeding Families initiative is working on reducing hunger and its associated health [...]

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  • Mission Moment Monday | Keni Brown

    United Community is a new initiative at Metro United Way that links information across health, [...]

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  • Mission Moment Monday – Pat Hargadon and Paul Hornback

    We held a kickoff event for our program, “Farmers Feeding Families” at the perfect [...]

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  • Healthy Babies Reflect the Health of Our Community

    A new initiative in our community – Healthy Babies Louisville – recently launched [...]

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  • Parkland Boys and Girls Garden Club

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away… We all know the idioms and we’ve all been told that [...]

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  • A Healthy Beginning: Strategies and Approaches

    Even if a child is born healthy, the high cost of health care and baby supplies means that one [...]

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  • Healthy Eating a Building Block for Success

    For a lot of kids, summer is a carefree, happy time for enriching experiences such as summer [...]

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