Healthy Lives

  • Parkland Boys and Girls Garden Club

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away… We all know the idioms and we’ve all been told that [...]

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  • A Healthy Beginning: Strategies and Approaches

    Even if a child is born healthy, the high cost of health care and baby supplies means that one [...]

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  • Healthy Eating a Building Block for Success

    For a lot of kids, summer is a carefree, happy time for enriching experiences such as summer [...]

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  • 2-1-1 Supports Louisville Linked and JCPS Students

    Children only spend 9% of their lives in school, and it’s important that they are able to [...]

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  • Farm to (School) Table

    Success in school is the foundation for success in life, and healthy eating is a critical [...]

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  • Brushing Teeth Leads To More Than Just A Pretty Smile

    Good health influences everything from how well a child is able to learn in the classroom to [...]

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  • Getting Back To Nature Boosts Health

    One thing is obvious when you watch children on a playground: kids LOVE to play. Studies also [...]

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  • A Healthy Start is a Smart Start

    When thinking about being healthy, we tend to think about what we eat or our exercise routines, [...]

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  • Healthy Eating Is A Foundation For Success

    One of the easiest ways to set your child’s foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating [...]

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  • Healthy Minds & Bodies For Kids And Families

    Research repeatedly shows that a healthy mind and body are a strong foundation for success in [...]

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