Development Begins at Birth

The social, emotional and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on their future as an adult. In fact, 90% of brain development happens before age six; during this time, the brain is building its wiring systems and the amount of stimulation an infant receives strengthens the connections of the brain and makes them permanent.

Our Excellence Academy early learning centers understand how important these early years are to a child’s future success in life, and provide the foundation for them to learn. With simple activities together like these, teachers are stimulating brain development:

•Reading: even though the infants might not be able to follow the story, they love the pictures and the sounds of someone’s voice.
•Talking and singing: using a kind voice and being expressive helps expand the child’s vocabulary, demonstrates emotion and even teaches problem solving skills.
•Coloring: helps develop fine motor skills and teaches the child how to hold/grasp onto an object.
•Building with blocks: teaches the children hand/eye coordination, cause and effect, fine motor skills and how to share with their friends.
•Tummy time: allows the infants to build upper body strength and allows the children to begin reaching for items.
By starting the learning process with our infants through simple interactions – even with a shared smile – they are more likely to be prepared for kindergarten, graduate from high school on time, and find a stable job… the building blocks for a good quality of life!


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