Driven to be a "Better Citizen"

By establishing a system that helps steer local students toward high-quality out-of-school (OST) programs, we hope to provide a stronger educational foundation to help decrease the high school drop-out rate and increase college degrees, thus benefitting the entire community in the long run.

Quality OST programs help keep kids on track for graduation and are more than just a place for youth to go to stay out of trouble or socialize with friends. Kids have activities and conversations with adults that are intentionally designed to build confidence, leadership, social skills, conflict resolution, problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills.

Lexi Bergman is part of 4-H in Oldham County, which is a quality OST community partner of ours. The structured learning, encouragement and mentoring received in 4-H plays a vital role in helping youth achieve success in life.

“4-H did not ask me to become a better citizen; it drove me to become one,” says Lexi. “It challenged me with project books, leadership roles, community service and in return gave me opportunities.”

Lexi has been part of 4-H for nine years and is now serving on Kentucky’s 4-H Teen Council, giving back to her community.

“It isn’t every day that you are given so many things and asked for little to nothing in return.”

Thanks to Lexi’s OST program, she stayed focused and engaged during a critical time and on the path to success in life!


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