A Message from Theresa Reno-Weber

Breonna Taylor deserved to live in a community where she was not only safe, but respected and protected. She deserved dignity and a different fate.

So did David “Yaya” McAtee – a beloved chef who often fed members of the police for free.

We mourn with both Breonna and David’s loved ones as well as every other person of color and individual traumatized by the events unfolding in our city and nation.

At Metro United Way, we are not new to this fight. We have been working to expose persistent and underlying racism, prejudice, and privilege as a core part of our work– and we can recognize it hasn’t been enough. Too many of our black family, friends, and neighbors are marginalized, mistreated, and killed.

How can this continue to happen? What can we do to help? How can Metro United Way accelerate the systemic changes that need to be made? How can we change the narrative and consciousness that allows hate to guide policy and practice?

Yet for all these questions, and all the emotions I personally feel – hurt, grief, outrage, despair, heartbreak, conviction, resolve – they are nothing compared to the chorus of questions asked and the feelings and trauma carried by our black and brown colleagues, friends, and loved ones. I send my heart out to each of you and your families.

We support the many peaceful protests happening as we call for justice and continue to make our collective voices heard. While our own building at 334 E. Broadway was damaged during the protests this weekend, we know that the value of human life and dignity is much greater than the value of property.

Advocacy has been a longstanding pillar of our work, but it is time to increase our engagement and elevate our role. So, our ask to you as a supporter: Get involved. Engage in critical and difficult dialogue, use your voice and platform, fight for reform, and hold people accountable, starting with government, civic and business leaders in Louisville and surrounding counties. Petition, march, advocate – don’t let up. Check our equity and advocacy pages on our website to see how you can get involved.

Together, in this moment, against the backdrop of a pandemic that has reminded us of our shared humanity, we can push for transformational change that shifts the course our country has been on for over 400 years.

We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for. All our children are watching – if not taking action themselves – to see how we respond in this moment and counting on us to create a just and equitable community for all.

Theresa Reno-Weber
President & CEO
Metro United Way



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