Focused on the Fight

They say hindsight is 20/20 and they were right. 2020 didn’t go as planned, but it did bring our community needs more into focus.

Focused on where you live.

Metro United Way helped launch that has helped connect more than 600 families to eviction prevention help during the COVID pandemic.

Supported non-traditional instruction (NTI) hubs in our community that helped over 2,400 kids get the resources, homework help, trainings, and internet access they needed.

Made more than 1,000,000 connections through our 2-1-1 help line – the most comprehensive and up-to-date directory of community services available. It’s free, confidential and available 24/7, 365 days per year by simply calling 2-1-1, visiting our website at or by texting your zip code
to 898211
to access help in real time.

Focused on data.

Metro United Way utilized internal data and analytics to provide valuable insights on community need that helped guide emergency response investments to the impacts of COVID.

Conducted statewide surveys of childcare providers and parents to launch the advocacy page

Focused on Policy.

Metro United Way advocated for and secured $2 million in Jefferson County CARES Acts funds to support 400 local childcare providers.

Partnered in a two-state Congressional advocacy campaign that helped to secure $10 billion of additional support for childcare in the CARES Act.

  • Multiplying Your Impact.

    Your dollars could be matched by other generous corporations and foundations that we’re connected to and you can be assured they will be invested back into our community to address the biggest needs facing our neighbors.

  • Volunteer-Led.

    Our volunteer leadership works hard with great thought, purpose and strategy to reach recommendations for our community investments so that kids and families in Louisville benefit the most while maximizing all dollars donated and invested.

  • Trusted.

    Metro United Way adheres to stringent standards of accounting and financial reporting for health and human-service organizations.
    Our organization is audited by an external firm every year; our complete financial information, IRS tax form 990 and Donor Bill of Rights may be reviewed at the link below.

    Financial Information



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