Fostering a Love of Learning

At our Excellence Academy early learning centers, we promote a love of learning among our students as well as our teachers. Ensuring that children have both involved and intentional teachers is one of the most critical elements to achieving school readiness – the foundation for success in life.

We are proud to say that 24 teachers in our Excellence Academy centers – supported by a partnership with Lift a Life Foundation and Community Coordinated Child Care – have achieved their Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) this past year. What does that mean? The CDA is considered a major stepping stone on the path of professional development in the early childhood field.

“I’ve learned a lot during the process of obtaining my CDA,” explained Keystone Learning Academy teacher, Tiffany Woolfolk. “Not only has it reinforced what I’ve learned through my work experience, but it validates that I am a professional. I respect and value my children,” she said.

The Excellence Academy program gives teachers the tools they need to do their job and gives them support – through mentors and networking opportunities with other centers – to stay on path toward high quality early learning.

“Getting my CDA was just part of working with children and I’m so glad that I went through it; early childhood is a changing environment and I found new and better ways to do many of the things that I had learned a long time ago,” said Ms. Arnetia, also from Keystone Learning Academy.

By investing in teachers, we will ensure that more of our children enter kindergarten ready to learn and succeed in life!


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