Action Needed: Increase Access to Child Care and Pre-K

Alliance Members,

After months of review and community engagement, Metro Government Planning & Design Services (PDS) has issued a recommendation to provide greater and more equitable access to child care by reforming zoning regulations that restrict the location, capacity, and delivery of services and currently prevent most child care programs from operating in more than 75% of Jefferson County. The recommendations include:

  • Increasing the permitted capacity of Family Child Care Homes to match the capacity allowed by the Division of Child Care–up to 12 children.
  • Allowing child care centers in residential zones–where they are currently prohibited–when they meet outlined standards or receive a conditional use permit.
  • Allowing child care programs in industrial areas of employment where child care can be provided as an employee benefit when programs meet special standards or receive a conditional use permit.

Now, we need your help to ensure Louisville Metro Council approves these long-overdue and much-needed child care zoning changes! Please fill out the form and complete the template email with your unique insights and experiences. Your email will automatically be sent to your Metro Council member to support these vital reforms!


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