Music's Impact on Academic Success

Quality out-of-school time (OST) programs are more than just a place for youth to go so they can socialize with friends or just to stay out of trouble. These OST programs are where kids have the opportunity to build self-confidence while they develop social-emotional, leadership and critical thinking skills that help them stay on track to graduate high school on time and ultimately lead to academic success.

Academy of Music Production Education and Development (AMPED) is such a youth program – one of Metro United Way’s Black Male Achievement Innovation Fund grantees – that aims to provide a safe environment for youth to explore their creativity through music. AMPED provides free access to education, instruments, music therapy, technology and performance opportunities for Louisville’s young minds to thrive through the power of music. Studies have confirmed there is cross-disciplinary learning in music and it plays a vital part in a student’s academic success; AMPED kids also receive hands-on training of the music business through production, distribution and marketing.

“Since I joined AMPED, I now have A’s in all of my classes at school,” said DeMeiko Beverly. “I love to write and draw and I’m in an animation class at AMPED that has helped me to improve both skills. AMPED has really helped me a lot and I’m so excited about learning!”

Thanks to quality OST programs such as AMPED, youth in our community have a safe, fun and productive environment to go to when they are not in school that provides support and resources to help them discover new skills and abilities to achieve success in school and in life.


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