Myah’s Story: Single Mom’s Life Changed Forever

When families are stable, our community is stronger and everyone wins! One way that Metro United Way helps individuals strengthen their families is through a partnership with Bank On Louisville.

The goal of this effort is to bring unbanked and underbanked households into the financial mainstream by offering safe products and financial education.

Myah Davis is a single mother of three who says that her life turned around by participating in financial planning workshops that included topics on budgeting, first time home buying, credit and more. Through just seven or eight classes she learned to track her spending, budget and manage her finances. Her credit score has improved, she was able to maintain a car loan and credit card and now has bank accounts with a local credit union.

“Tracking my spending for just 30 days was amazing. It helped me change my spending habits, manage my money, and better my family’s lives,” says Myah.

And just last week she started a new job with one of our community’s largest employers and corporate partners of Metro United Way – Ford Motor Company! Congratulations to Myah and her family!

Since the launch in 2010, Bank On Louisville has resulted in a savings of approximately $40,000 over a working lifetime for someone who used check cashing and money order services. Metro United Way is an active partner in this effort which has helped open 22,500 accounts resulting in $28 million in deposits and has provided financial education to over 20,000 individuals.

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