Playing to Prepare for Kindergarten

Amanda Perry, an Excellence Academy teacher at Dorman Preschool, used a hula hoop as a learning opportunity for the students in her classroom.

Amanda’s students watched as she spun the hula hoop on her arm. Eventually, one of her students, Grace, walked over and said, “Miss Amanda, can I use that?” After first trying unsuccessfully on her own, she asked her teacher for help.

Amanda swung Grace’s arm to get the hula hoop spinning, and she smiled as her teacher let go, allowing her to continue on her own. In seconds, Grace shouted, “I did it! Thank you, Miss Amanda!”

She kept practicing and each time the hula hoop flew off her arm she would run to retrieve it and begin spinning it again. It wasn’t long until Grace could keep it spinning until she stopped it, and even advanced to spinning one on each arm.

Grace demonstrated physical and cognitive skills with this fun exercise. She showed that she could use her communication skills with her teacher. She also showed a willingness to learn. And through several tries, she showed persistence.

Developing these important skills through play is just one of the ways that our Excellence Academy early learning centers are preparing children to enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school and in life.


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