Preparing Youth to Graduate High School on Time

It’s wonderful to see your kids succeed in school and make good choices, and on graduation day, it’s an especially proud moment. Just ask Donna and Gary Wooten, whose son, Austin, recently graduated from Floyd Central High School in New Albany, Indiana.

“We did all the right things to make sure he was prepared, even though 90% of the kids in Austin’s elementary school lived in poverty,” says Donna. “We were blessed to have great preschool and school programs, along with quality Out-of-School Time (OST) activities. As an employee of Metro United Way, I’m so thankful that we support education for families that otherwise wouldn’t have the same opportunities because we understand how important it is and I know all parents want equal chances at a good quality of life for their children,” she added

At Metro United Way, we believe that education is the foundation for a child’s success in work and life, and high school graduation is a major milestone toward achieving that success. That’s why one of our community aspirations is that all youth will complete high school on time prepared for college, work and life.

And the Wooten family, including Austin, regularly gives back to their Southern Indiana community. “This is what makes his heart so big – and as parents, we couldn’t be prouder. When you start your children at a young age to learn to help others, they’ll find they receive the bigger gift,” added Donna.

As Austin attends Purdue University this fall, he is well on his way to success in life. And he, in turn, is proud of his parents, saying, “I’m truly blessed to have parents and a church family that taught me the importance of an education as well as giving back to my community!”

Thanks Donna, Gary and Austin for showing us how to LIVE UNITED!


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