Preschool Teacher Inspired by Learning

At Metro United Way’s Excellence Academy early learning centers, we’re committed to helping the teachers – as well as the children enrolled – achieve these three core values: love learning, build communities, and transform lives. Recently, Tiffany Woolfolk, a teacher at Keystone Learning Academy, received her Childhood Development Accreditation (CDA), advancing her education with the latest child care practices to benefit both herself and the children in her classroom.

“I’ve learned a lot during the process of obtaining my CDA. Not only has it reinforced what I’ve learned through my work experience, but it validates that I am a professional. I respect and value my children,” she said.

Across the years, Tiffany’s teaching methods have changed. “I thought that children were clay that adults molded. But working at a center that is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach has allowed me not to worry so much about the ‘lesson plan,’ but getting to know the children’s individual processes of learning instead,” she explains. “It’s shown me that education never reaches a zenith; it’s a cycle that can be revisited and built upon.”

With Tiffany’s passion for teaching and her CDA education, she now understands how to effectively and efficiently create an excellent classroom for her children to thrive. “Now I’m a collaborator with my children,” she says, “to make sure they enter kindergarten ready to learn and succeed in life… thanks to the Excellence Academy program!”


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