Black Male Achievement (BMA)

We have a segment of young people who consistently live shorter, poorer-quality lives with fewer opportunities than many of their counterparts across racial and ethnic groups. We need to continue to improve opportunities and experiences for African American males as they suffer disparities in reading proficiency, school discipline, unemployment, and participation in the criminal justice system. Black Male Achievement is a national movement to improve these outcomes for all communities by addressing persistent opportunity gaps facing African-American males. For more information or to be part of the change, contact Daryle Unseld at (502) 292-6118, or connect with him via email below.

Investing in People Always Pays Off

When we invest in people like with our W.E.B. DuBois Academy, we provide not only the tools people need to succeed, but also the knowledge that they’re not on their own. Just knowing they’re valued makes a huge difference.

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