Restoring Hope for the Future

When families are stable, our community is stronger. One way that Metro United Way helps individuals strengthen their families is through a partnership with the Siemer Institute for Family Stability that works to prevent family homelessness and reduce school mobility.

Jane* is a mother of four who has faced some challenges in her life. Her husband is a cancer survivor and is also the family’s sole breadwinner. Because she has no formal education or training, Jane lives in constant fear of what her family will do if his cancer returns and he is unable to work. To add to her worry, she also has a child with a severe physical disability.

Jane joined our local Siemer Institute for Family Empowerment Program at Eastern Area Community Ministries earlier this year and one of her main goals was to find employment. She’s long had a dream of becoming a nurse, so with the help of her coach within the program, they determined she would seek a part-time job in the medical field.

Upon meeting with her career counselor, Jane decided to attend an orientation with the American Red Cross medical education program and has recently begun the Electrocardiogram (EKG) Technician program and is well on her way to securing a solid job. With assistance from the Siemer Institute, Jane and her family have restored hope for their future!

Making sure every child and family has the opportunity for a better life and on their path to self-sustainment is a crucial part of what Metro United Way does. For more information about our family stability work, please contact

*Jane’s name has been changed.


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