Make sure your kids have the early skills needed to succeed

Make Sure Your Kids Have The Early Skills Needed To Succeed

Learning begins at birth - and from these first days of life, children begin using their bodies to learn about the world around them. Physical movement is key to developing gross and fine motor skills, which are both necessary to help kids grow and succeed in life.

Gross motor skills are the movement and coordination of large muscle groups in the body such as walking, climbing and kicking. Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscles in the hands in fingers such as holding a rattle or picking up a Cheerio. Making sure kids develop these skills early in life is important so they arrive at kindergarten ready to learn!

Children develop these skills at different rates, so identifying any delays early is important. Metro United Way's Ages and Stages Questionnaires program (ASQ) provides parents with fun, simple activities to do together with their children while also monitoring their early development milestones to make sure they are on track. If assistance is needed in a particular area, parents receive counseling wtih information on resources and support that can assist them. It's free and confidential for children birth - age 5 1/2.

Curious about the gross or fine motor skills your infant, toddler or preschooler should be using? Find out more from the Kentucky Governor's Office of Early Childhood and obtain a list HERE. And enroll your child today for Metro United Way's ASQ program HERE!