Tracking Progress, Creating Success

Tracking Progress, Creating Success

Do you ever wonder how your child is doing during the work day? Are they building with blocks, playing with friends or eating their lunch? At The Children's Learning Center at Goodwill of Southern Indiana, parents don't have to wonder.

The Children's Learning Center - an Excellence Academy early learning center - is equipped with iPads in each room that uses Tadpoles, a software that allows teachers to document their student's day, send photo and video updates to their parents and track the growth of their children from week to week, month to month or classroom to classroom.

Sean, a student at The Children's Learning Center, loves to play in the block area. He creates and designs daily with wooden blocks, magnetic tiles, tree cookies and other learning materials. One day, his teacher noticed that he was struggling to keep the blocks standing up on the carpet, but that he tried over and over again and was very persistent. Finally, Sean decided to place a block flat on the carpet, creating a flatter, smoother surface to build upon - success!

After documenting, his teacher sent the photos to Sean's parents, creating a pathway for open dialogue about his cognitive development and fine motor skills. Sean's mom and teacher were able to review photos of older structures he had built and compare those with some of his most recent projects and talk about the noticeable progress that was happening.

When parents are involved and help their children learn and grow as much as possible in the early years, it gives them a boost that will make a difference from kindergarten to career. By using tools like Tadpoles, Metro United Way's Excellence Academy early learning centers are creating connections with their families and helping to prepare their children for success in school and in life.