Employee Spotlight JiJi El Masri

Metro United Way Employee Spotlight: JiJi El Masri

JiJi El Masri

Out-of-School Time Data Manager
Metro United Way

Describe what you do at Metro United Way:

As the out-of-school time data manager, I support afterschool programs in collecting, analyzing, and making sense of data that allows them to demonstrate the positive difference they make in the lives of the youth they serve. I also work with community partners to determine data needs, and processes by which data can be made accessible to programs, funders, and the community at large, so that we may all work together more effectively to identify problems and address challenges to improve the lives of young people in our community.

What makes Metro United Way stand out as an employer?

My favorite aspect of my job is the flexibility and work-life balance that Metro United Way gives me. Having control over my schedule makes me feel trusted and empowered to do my job well, which makes me excited to go to work every day! MUW has also given me the opportunity to work with the most wonderful, positive, dedicated, caring team of people I have ever met, and it truly makes all the difference.

What are some of the highlights working for Metro United Way?

Because my job is typically behind the scenes, I really enjoy the opportunities I get to visit out-of-school time programs and meet with kids and youth. I love hearing from young people about their aspirations and dreams for their futures, and the fears and challenges they face as they strive to succeed in school and life. My job has shown me that our younger generations are smarter and so much stronger than we give them credit for sometimes, and it is our responsibility to recognize that, and help lift them up to achieve their fullest potential!

What has been your biggest accomplishment during your time so far at Metro United Way?

This past year, our High School Graduation team helped 62 out-of-school time sites implement research-driven data tools to improve their program quality and collect data from youth on how they are experiencing and benefiting from attending the programs. It's been great watching our community's youth providers embrace data as a tool for improvement.

How do you view your role in our community?

Through my role at MUW, I hope to continue supporting the incredibly important, and often underappreciated work that happens at out-of-school time programs. Data can be boring sometimes, and I want to make it more fun, robust, and useful to our community, as we rally around our young people and support them on their paths to success.


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