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For decades, Metro United Way has focused on solving community problems. With nearly 100 years of service, we have worked to advance the common good in our community by creating opportunities for a better life for all by providing a network of services for people’s most basic needs of food, shelter, health and safety.

Addressing Basic Needs


Metro United Way sees how interconnected we all are in our community and we know that the ultimate measure of our success is in the ways we impact the quality of life for all of us. Serving core and basic needs includes our work to support a strong network of services that address the basic needs of young children, families and our seniors; this network touches 1 in 3 in our community every year.



We serve as the volunteer backbone and proud partner for the Mayor's Give a Day Week of Service, coordinating over 144,000 acts of compassion during this period that demonstrates the caring, compassionate nature of our community, how interdependent we all are and how powerful we can be when we come together.

2-1-1 Call Center


Our 2-1-1 service is available in nine counties in Kentucky and an additional 3 counties in Indiana; today this partner network of resources supports growing community needs such as educational initiatives, increased number of senior citizens as well as those of transitioning Veterans and continued fluctuations in employment rates.

Network of Services


We also support other services that help ensure everyone has the opportunity for a better life because we all want to make our community stronger. In the end, we will reach our mutual goals by working together - by working with dozens of service organizations and community leaders, hundreds of companies and thousands of citizens all across our community.

Our vision at Metro United Way is a community whose people achieve their full potential through education, financial stability and healthy lives. That's why we work to provide a network of services for people's most basic needs of food, shelter, health and safety - so they can get back on their feet and on the road to self-reliance. Recently we gained input from community leaders and volunteers to learn more about today's reality for many in our community; read the full Basic Needs Examination report here to know more about the critical issues many individuals and families may face today.

Basic Needs Examination Report at a glance:



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