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Maddie & Madden’s Journey

Maddie knew that she wanted to be a nurse from the moment her son was born. But first she needed help achieving financial stability. She sought help from the Family Scholar House through their financial independence programming supported in part by Metro United Way and the Siemer Institute. Prior to moving in to Family Scholar House Maddie had to complete four financial literacy classes. Her financial education continued during her participation in the program through monthly budget check-ins and attendance at financial fairs and workshops.

While Maddie attended classes her son, Madden, attended pre-school at the Early Learning Campus on site at the Family Scholar House. When it was time to transition to kindergarten, he did so smoothly with assistance from the Family Scholar House advocate.

During her time at Family Scholar House Maddie worked hard to achieve her goal of becoming a nurse. She was accepted into the Norton Apprenticeship program, Norton Scholars. It was a way to connect with an employer and gain experience prior to graduation. It also allowed her to work a limited amount of time and to save up some money.

Additionally, Norton paid up to $24,000 in tuition with an agreement to work for Norton for up to four years after graduation. With the income from her apprenticeship, she worked with a family advocate to begin to save for her own home and to attend classes on home ownership. Maddie also participated in career-readiness activities such as résumé assistance and speed mentoring. Meanwhile, Madden attended book clubs, numerous children’s activities, and Camp Chi Beta (kindergarten readiness).

Maddie graduated and is now a nurse for Norton Healthcare. Both she and Madden have exited the residential program at Family Scholar House and she is working to purchase her own home. Her son is doing well in school.

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