These Students Are College and Career Ready

This past year in Southern Indiana, we had the opportunity to be part of a brand new College and Career Readiness Initiative being implemented in the Greater Clark School System.

In its first year, thanks to wonderful partnerships, this College and Career Readiness Initiative produced amazing results:

•49 students placed in internships
•24 teachers participated in week-long “externships”
•128 business representatives currently serving on School-Based Advisory Committees
•43 targeted field trips which resulted in 2,346 students getting to visit and learn about businesses from all sectors of our business community

Additionally, business partners visited many classrooms to do college and career-based presentations, visited the centers to meet and talk with the students about post-secondary opportunities and helped host a successful college and career night for our students.

Why is this so important? Because when our youth graduate high school on time and ready for college, it’s a win for our entire community. Working together with partners all across the community, this is how we will ensure more of our students graduate high school prepared for continued education, work and life!


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