Getting off the poverty cycle

We might not be able to fix the cycle of poverty, but we can break it by providing people with financial literacy, marketable skills, and hope.

Let’s get some finances in order

Imagine a community where people from all walks of life have the work skills to cover their financial needs and now help us make that a reality.

Financial Empowerment

When families are stable, our community is stronger. One way that Metro United Way helps individuals strengthen their families is through a partnership with the Siemer Institute; this program works to prevent family homelessness and reduce school mobility so that families gain financial security and their children can succeed in school. Learn More.

Money Changes Everything

People do amazing things when their sole focus isn’t on where their next meal is coming from or if they won’t be able to make rent. Let’s build a ladder for people to climb the hierarchy of needs, starting with our Financial Empowerment Video Series.

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