Tony’s Story: Empowering Youth with Math

For some students, math isn’t always their favorite subject in school, but it is a critical component in preparing them for success in college and in their future careers. In fact, research states that math’s integration into multiple aspects of everyday life helps build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Tony Potts, Staff Accountant at Stored Value Solutions, understands the importance of mathematics as it plays a major role in his everyday life. Through his employer, Tony was connected with Metro United Way’s read, tutor, mentor program and began volunteering with kids at St. George’s Scholar Institute – one of Metro United Way’s Black Male Achievement Innovation Fund grantees. Using his expertise and experience, Tony created “Math Attack,” a competitive, interactive and friendly math game that develops teamwork based on Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) learning objectives and curriculum. Every other Wednesday after work, Tony spends two hours investing his time, executing the game and providing one-on-one homework assistance to the kids in the program.

“The students at this program are eager for knowledge and share a strong desire to continue their education at the collegiate level,” Tony said. “My greatest moment was seeing a student report back to me with a 100% grade on his math test. I was so excited and felt I’d found a hobby I want to keep pursuing.”

In recognition of Tony’s amazing work for the youth he volunteered with, he recently received the Volunteer of the Year award at St. George’s Scholar Academy Project Ready Celebration! Matching people like Tony to their passions and allowing them to use their expertise to benefit others in the community is at the heart of what Metro United Way does.

Consider joining the fight for the education, financial stability and health of every person in our community by volunteering to read, tutor or mentor a child so we can ensure youth all across our community complete high school on time, prepared for college, work and life.


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