A workplace campaign is a great way to bring employees together around a common cause. Join the hundreds of organizations from across the region in our united efforts to tackle our community’s most pressing challenges.

  • Strengthen your organization’s profile as an active community leader
  • Enhance workplace morale, pride, team building and employee loyalty
  • Provide an opportunity for your employees to get involved and give back to their community
  • Develop a company culture centered around helping others and changing lives

How to run a successful campaign in 6 easy steps

  • 1. Plan

  • 2. Engage

  • 3. Inspire

  • 4. Ask

  • 5. Wrap Up

  • 6. Thank You


It all starts with a plan. The below materials provide a roadmap to help you and your team think through the timing and logistics of your workplace campaign. United, we plan to make a difference!

  • Campaign Timeline & Best Practices


Which Pledge Method is best for you?








ePledge MUW sends all employees an email with a unique link to personalized login with tailored messaging Able to provide names and email addresses for all employees 14 business days before start of campaign
  • Employee List, with Email
  • ePledge Layout Form
  • ePledge Survey
  • Campaign Dates
Yes Yes, sent by MUW
ePledge Lite MUW provides the Employee Campaign Lead with a link to share with staff; link contains company-specific messaging, but nothing personalized to the employee Unable to provide email address for employees, but employees able to access site 5 business days before start of campaign
  • Company
  • Campaign Dates
Only company-specific messaging — nothing personalized Emails sent out by Employee Campaign Lead
Paper Pledge Printed pledge cards with personalized asks distributed to staff Employees do not have email addresses and unable to access online giving 14 business days before start of campaign
  • Company
  • Campaign Dates
  • Employee List
Yes No


Did you know, individuals who volunteer with an organization are significantly more likely to donate to that organization? Volunteer engagement projects are one of THE most effective ways for employees to make a difference while learning more about our community’s needs. It’s just a bonus that by encouraging your team to volunteer, you are increasing the likelihood that folks also donate and you are helping to realize your workplace campaign goals!

The wide-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic left many nonprofit organizations under-resourced at a time when their critical services are needed the most. We are working with them to understand their challenges and create service-based solutions that meet their pressing needs and adhere to strict health and safety guidelines. The pandemic also changed the look and feel of volunteer projects. In response, we reformatted our project logistics and created new options so that we, in partnership with you, can meet the critical needs of our community.

  • Collection Drives

    Your team collects supplies requested by our nonprofit partners. This project allows for a great deal of flexibility and customization for your team.

  • Drop-Off Onsite Projects

    We bring a volunteer project to you! You provide the volunteers and cover the project cost. MUW orders, prepares and delivers supplies to your chosen location. We are available virtually to explain your project’s impact and provide instructions. Following your project, we will pick up the completed kits and deliver them to the receiving nonprofit agency.

  • Parking Lot Pick-Up Projects (PLP)

    This project option is a great way to engage employees who are working remotely, going beyond virtual projects and allowing them to involve their family and friends in the volunteer experience. Employees pick up kit supplies and instructions from our parking lot or yours they complete the kits at home and then return them for delivery to a nonprofit agency.

  • Offsite Projects

    Visit our new and improved Volunteer Connection site ( to search and sign-up for individual and group volunteer opportunities hosted by nonprofit agencies from across our seven-county service region.

    Visit Volunteer Connection site

I’m ready to learn more

To learn more about collection drives, offsite and onsite projects or signature events like Day of Action and The Greatest Give Back, visit:


If you are ready to get started just fill out our online project request form:


Click here to learn more about projects, pricing and logistics:


To quote a lovely children’s book, “To be inspired is great. To inspire is incredible.” This is your chance to inspire! Leverage the below resources (including speakers from MUW!) to tell the story of why this work matters and inspire your team to take action and Live United.

Reach out and Plan a group meeting

Plan a leadership or employee group meeting with your Metro United Way manager or reach out for support!


Once you’ve inspired employees, you still need to invite them to join you in supporting Metro United Way. This part can be intimidating, but fortunately, we’re here to make it easy! The above “Inspire” resources can be leveraged to support your ask. Also, the below email templates can be tailored for you or someone in your leadership to send out your team.

  • Sample Email Content

    Email templates for ECL’s or Leadership to send out to employees during the campaign

    Download Sample Emails


Once you’ve made all your asks, all the emails have been sent and all the events are over, it’s time to wrap. The below is a step-by-step guide for wrapping your campaign.

  • Campaign Wrap-Up Process

    Download this guide to help walk you through wrapping up your Metro United Way campaign



Celebrate yourself and your team for a job well done! UNITED we make our community stronger.


Sign up and find out about everything we’re doing for people in the community. Or how you can help us make a difference.