Yes, Mentoring Makes a Difference!

Ensuring that every child in our community graduates high school on time – ready for college, work and life – is a focus for Metro United Way because a quality education leads to better income and a healthier life. The human price, as well as the economic impact, is staggering when children don’t succeed in school.

Mentors can make a big impact in the lives of young students, including through quality out-of-school (OST) time programs. Caring volunteers who mentor students of all ages have the power to help kids boost academic achievement and develop other life skills, thereby keeping them on track for graduation and success in life. In fact, studies show that kids who are mentored are less likely to use drugs, alcohol, skip school, hit someone or lie.

Yes, mentoring works! Just ask Chase who is a “Little” with our valued community partner, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana.

“Now I finally look forward to something. We do unexpected things – like science experiments and going to museums. We laugh a lot,” says Chase. “I’m also doing better in school, because my Bigs are smart and teach me new things. And the best part is, they like me!”

Proclaiming January National Mentoring Month, President Obama noted that “By setting a positive example and sharing their time, knowledge and experience, volunteer mentors play an essential role in preparing our Nation’s youth for a bright future…”. Learn more about volunteering to Read, Tutor or Mentor through Metro United Way here.


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