Youth Achievement through Art

Metro United Way is dedicated to ensuring our youth stay on track to graduate high school on time, prepared for college, work and life. And research shows that participation in fine arts is a key component in increasing academic achievement, decreasing student dropout rates, enhancing creativity, developing a team player mentality and producing a more prepared citizen for the workplace.

In our community, one quality out-of-school-time (OST) program helping our youth achieve this goal through fine arts is The Youth Repertory Theater Troupe of Louisville (YRTTL) – the first theater company in the city that is run and operated by youth. It’s a program of the Louisville Central Community Centers Kids Art Academy for kids ages 10-18 that uses fine arts as a vehicle to help young people develop personal skills that can be used to help improve academic achievement and social well-being.

Students involved are surrounded by their peers who love singing, acting and dancing just as much as they do. Every day, the youth learn how to properly execute their roles in making the magic of theater happen while performing ensemble scenes and production numbers.

“At first, I was kind of shy in the program,” said Xavier, an YRTTL participant. “But now I am more open and can express myself. My goal is to go to college and study culinary arts, but this place made me consider pursuing a theater degree as well after graduation,” he said.

OST programs like the Youth Repertory Theater Troupe of Louisville, which provide a place for our children to build self-confidence, showcase their talents and enhance their skills, encourage our community’s youth to achieve their goals and stay in school to graduate high school – an important milestone in life!


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