We envision a community where our children thrive, strong households create pathways out of poverty to prosperity, and Greater Louisville is an equitable community where zip code doesn’t determine destiny.

  • (502) 509-9637
    2NOT1 strengthens families by addressing matters that often negatively affect the family unit such as the absence of fathers, the inability to co-parent effectively, unemployment, underemployment, lack of father/child engagement, poor educational attainment, and health disparities.
  • 300FOR300 provides laptops, creative writing workshops, mentorship, health and wellness coaching, trauma counseling, and a safe physical "third space" outside of the school and home for Middle School Girls of Color in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • 502-438-8102
    A Hand Up Community Resource Center fills the gap for the working poor by connecting families with an available established social service organization and providing direct financial assistance by connecting the individual/family to one of our financial sponsors. It builds relationships throughout the community with the goal of meeting and establishing partnerships with local and national service providers, retailers, corporations and individuals and coordinating financial health programming to decrease the use of emergency basic need assistance services during a 12-month period.
  • 502-643-9661
    The Ace Project has a mission to provide our youth with resources and experiences that will allow them to discover their talents and ultimate potentials that will assist them in being productive citizens in our communities. The vision for The Ace Project is to transform the lives of underserved children and families impacted by gun violence and trauma through compassion, resources, and unique opportunities.
  • (502) 494-0353
    Adelante's model is wraparound, long-term, and holistic. We help our students set and meet high educational, personal, and career goals.
  • (502) 589-4450
    Serving Metro Louisville and surrounding counties and Southern Indiana with disaster relief, education, military, social services, health, safety programs, youth programs, and blood products.
  • (502) 366-7813
    Americana World Community Center bridges the gap from surviving to thriving for refugees, immigrants, and underserved individuals through education, family support, youth achievement, and career and financial development.
  • (502) 432-2579
    Offers a variety of youth, adult and family strengthening services including: 1) Music Academy, where youth explore their creativity through song writing, music composition, recording, engineering, and more; 2) Family Learning & Tech Workforce Training, to ensure our community has the skills of the future so they may chart their own paths; and 3) Russell Technology Business Incubator, to create a space for economic growth, mobility, entrepreneurship, and independence in West Louisville.
  • (502) 458-8840
    Apprisen is a nonprofit committed to the financial well-being of individuals and works to demonstrate that with support and guidance, everyone can attain a healthy financial life.  Apprisen offers an array of services and resources designed to help people achieve financial health and wealth, such as financial coaching, debt management, credit counseling, and student loan education.
  • (502) 634-6543
    The BLC supports immigrant adults and families in the Churchill Downs neighborhood through access to educational opportunities, community integration and resources to better lives.
  • (502) 451-5177
    Bellewood & Brooklawn serves abused and neglected youth in Kentucky with residential psychiatric care, therapeutic foster care, and community-based services.
  • 502-955-8512
  • (502) 587-0494
    Provides a one-to-one mentoring relationship between a mature volunteer and a youth in need of friendship. Services include screening, training volunteers and matching a child's needs with the right adult.
  • 502-554-3341
    Strives to ensure a more sustainable life for all, through work in justice, economic development, education, health, and wellness.
  • 502-773-3094
    Black Minds Matter, Louisville, Inc empowers individuals throughout Metro Louisville to develop their potential and become successful adults. It provides youth with after-school academic support and cultural enrichment activities and opportunities for participation in organized academia,and community service.
  • (812) 738-2408
    A private, nonprofit, human services organization that has been serving the community since 1959.
  • (812) 913-9630
  • (502) 361-2624
    Youth development programs for school age boys and young women in high school offering character and leadership, development, citizenship, training and personal and mental fitness.
  • (502) 585-5437
    An out-of-school time provider offering a safe and positive environment for youth ages 6-18 who need us most.
  • (812) 738-1696
    Provides fun, safe, diversified programming for Harrison County youth ages 4-18. Programs include art, recreation, drug prevention, rock climbing, leadership initiatives and group gym activities. Summer camp provided each year.
  • 502-821-8960
    Inspires students to become lifelong learners through exposure to STEM programs. Increases access to STEM education and provides fun, engaging opportunities for students to get involved in STEM while guiding students towards STEM careers.
  • (502) 457-1910
    Bridge Kids International, Inc. uses the power of African heritage culture to create communities that support the wellbeing of young people.  They help young people of Africa and the African Diaspora unleash their social entrepreneurial spirits to solve economic development, education, environmental, girls' rights, and health challenges and link them for the purposes of friendship, cooperation, and individual and community empowerment.
  • 502-384-5128
    Bridging the Gap offers children from underserved and marginalized communities age-appropriate/affordable programming, providing a safe space to learn and grow, bridging the gaps in community growth and development sustaining lasting and meaningful change.
  • (502) 869-8000
    A public school district that serves more than 13,000 students in preschool through grade 12.
  • (502) 595-4911
    CASA supports & promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy for abused, neglected, and dependent children so that they can thrive in safe, permanent homes.
  • (502) 637-9786
    Catholic Charities serves people in need, especially the poor and oppressed, including those in poverty, young moms, those exiting human trafficking, refugees, and the under-employed.
  • (812) 282-0063
    Providing a food pantry for residents of Clark County, Indiana open five days a week with programs to alleviate hunger.
  • 502-589-0343
    Building healthy, sustainable, safe, and attractive neighborhoods through engaged, informed, and committed neighbors. Cultivating grassroots leadership, facilitating civic dialogue among stakeholders, providing leadership education, partnering with neighborhoods in community planning efforts, and actively participating in neighborhood-based development and improvement projects.
  • (502) 315-2673
    Co-creating a vibrant, exemplary nonprofit community in Greater Louisville through collaboration, shared learning, advocacy, and the promotion of innovation and excellence.
  • (502) 587-1999
    Provides emergency financial assistance, personal care items, and food assistance to a service area including parts of the 40202, -03, and -08 zip codes from 9th to Shelby, the River to Eastern Parkway.
  • (502) 647-3349
    Provides Hispanic people and others in need with assistance through language classes, food and clothing, advocacy, translations, referrals and other seasonal services.
  • (‪502) 709-8672
    Challenges the systems and institutions that have and continue to create barriers for marginalized communities. Protects, defends, and meets the needs of those who have been counted out and prides itself on being a flexible organization that meets the community's ever-changing needs with a variety of programs that for Food Justice, Public Health, and Education.
  • (502) 456-5137
    Providing the needed services that will allow youth and adolescents to reach their maximum potential via a positive, healthy drug-free lifestyle.
  • (502) 819-0627
    Strives to build community and end youth hunger through outreach, mentorship, togetherness, and positive approach. Together, our communities will flourish.
  • (502) 403-6605
    Creates a community that equips families in recovery with children under the age of five to choose well for their futures.
  • (812) 284-5229
    An emergency shelter for youth ages 10 to 19 who are experiencing crisis in their homes.
  • (502) 636-9550
    The primary advocacy, education and coordination agency for the homeless of Louisville. The umbrella organization for the area's homeless agencies and 8000 plus homeless persons.
  • (502) 852-3299
    The Commonwealth Institute of Kentucky (CIK) serves as a transdisciplinary collaborative for population health improvement, policy and analytics, and it has a research infrastructure to support a variety of transdisciplinary projects that engage academic partners, clinical partners, and community partners in improving the health of the Commonwealth. The primary operations of the institute include community-based research, health policy support and education, and data warehousing and analytics. 
  • 812-288-6451
    Supporting and empowering individuals, families, and communities striving to reach self-sufficiency and working to provide life enhancing opportunities for every individual and family desiring to experience extraordinary change in their lives.
  • (502) 222-0427
    Emergency assistance to Oldham County residents in need of food, shelter, utility assistance and more. We also help people stranded in county during travel.
  • (502) 636-1358
    Provides the bridge between parents, providers, community leaders, and policymakers by offering a unique blend of services and expertise, to ensure that children arrive at kindergarten ready to succeed.
  • (502) 509-1814
    Eliminates inequities in education by fostering a diverse community of learners prepared to navigate the world. The specific objectives and purpose of are: To ensure all students working toward reading proficiency have access to effective literacy instruction; To provide learning opportunities for students, parents, educators, and community organizations that support more just, compassionate, inclusive, and equitable environments for diverse learners; and To foster a community that values an anti-racist/anti-biased lens, individuality, diversity, and equity in education and society at large.
  • (502) 633-2760
    Envisioning a future in which staff and teachers are full partners with parents and community; where children's development is a top priority.
  • (502) 292-6222
    Evolve502 is a community-focused organization in Louisville, Ky. investing in and creating educational opportunities for our city’s youth. They provide scholarships and access to community resources to help prepare students for college, career, and successful, productive lives.
  • (502) 893-3900
    Family service organization with services to prevent and treat abuse, violence and disruption in families.
  • (812) 283-2308
    A health center that provides comprehensive medical and dental care to the low income, uninsured and underinsured residents of southern Indiana.
  • (502) 584-8090
    Single-parent families and unaccompanied foster alumni are eligible for supportive housing, academic coaching, career development, childcare, and financial empowerment to promote individual and family stability.
  • (502) 634-1839
    Reducing the barriers for success by providing valuable hours of educational enrichment that will positively transform the lives of children and youth in our community.
  • (502) 367-6013
    Child Development Center for 6 weeks to 12 years old. Teaching basic skills for education, respect, and morals in a faith-based setting.
  • 502-636-0900
    Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana serves 64 counties in Kentucky and Southern Indiana through our mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Girl Scouts is the preeminent leadership development organization for girls with a research-proven program that helps them cultivate important life skills. Year after year we help girls learn and grow in a safe environment, discovering who they are, connecting with others, and taking action to achieve their goals through a variety of fun and educational troop activities, excursions, and camp experiences.
  • (502) 558-5732
    Teaching philanthropy as a tool to enhance academic outcomes, cultivate power skills, and hone social-emotional skills for our youngest, most underserved citizens.
  • (502) 272-1700
    Helps people with disabilities or other disadvantages achieve and maintain employment to gain a better quality of life. They give people a hand up — not a handout — so they can experience the dignity and independence that comes with earning a paycheck and achieving self-sufficiency.
  • (812) 283-7908
    Leading the community in providing early childhood development, family support and adult career achievement through successful Goodwill stores.
  • (502) 716-2711
    Innovative space designed to face the black maternal health crises, address the barriers blocking many from utilizing alternative/ holistic maternal options, becoming perinatal health professionals.
  • (812) 283-0701
  • 502-637-6265
  • (812) 738-8143
    Providing multiple programs to assist low income individuals through crisis to self sufficiency including shelter, food, utilities, medical and other resource building programs.
  • (502) 647-3072
    The Cornerstone Financial Literacy program gives families a one-stop opportunity to increase financial stability, financial literacy knowledge, economic wealth, homeownership and business ownership through asset-building.
  • 877-616-7388
  • (502) 775-9584
    To provide education and outreach services to youth, adults and seniors in the metro Louisville community with special emphasis on the Cane Run/Shagbark community.
  • (502) 596-1000
    Providing emergency shelter, residential treatment and therapeutic foster care to abandoned, abused and neglected children up to age 18, and a variety of wrap-around and preventive services to help at-risk families and homeless young adults.
  • (812) 202-6589
    A non-profit organization combating homelessness in Southern Indiana. We seek to build community collaboration in addressing the issue of homelessness in our community. Through education, advocacy, and awareness, we want each member of the community to know they have a role to play. By working together, we can change lives.
  • (812) 883-3318
    Dedicated to community justice, victim reparation, and offender accountability. Programs include a domestic violence shelter, victim advocacy and community corrections.
  • (502) 415-9568
    The Hope Buss is an organization focused on empowering families and individuals to reimagine our community, by working alongside them to build HOPE-based infrastructure and create sustainable resources.
  • (502) 225-6711
    A primary medical clinic In LaGrange, Kentucky which provides healthcare to individuals ages four and above who are uninsured or who have unaffordable deductibles and are at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • (650) 776-4313
    Helping veterans transition back to civilian life and providing people in recovery from addictions a solid path to staying clean and sober through working with horses. Also providing equine therapy to all ages and need groups in Shelby county and beyond.
  • 317-245-8880
  • (502) 298-4409
    Enriches student-athletes with tools to excel academically; to develop characteristics of leadership, and enhance their athletic foundation.
  • (502) 500-5648
    Promotes access, equity and inclusion in education through strategic initiatives and collaborative partnerships that champion and improve opportunities for success for individuals throughout their educational pursuits.
  • (502) 459-0660
    Provides community-based wellness, educational, social, leadership, recreational and cultural programs across the lifecycle, fulfilling the needs of the community at-large.
  • (502) 452-6341
    Comprehensive human services organization serving the entire community with three core objectives: strengthening families, fostering self- awareness and sound decision making and promoting well being and self- sufficiency.
  • 502-407-2749
    Improving the quality of life in Louisville's Russell community by providing mental health counseling, housing, employment, and recidivism services to adult community members impacted by poverty, crime and trauma. Creating equity among Russel's most vulnerable residents by providing them with their basic needs, while receiving social services and job training.
  • 502-509-3885
    Kaylyn's House of Joy is dedicated to providing homeless, abused, and neglected adolescent females with safe, supportive housing while equipping them with the tools and life skills needed to achieve self-sufficiency into adulthood.
  • (502) 379-6699
    Dedicated to the total operation against poverty in the areas of housing, health and education.
  • (502) 574-2500
    Helps job seekers in Bullitt, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Trimble counties find jobs, education and training and they connect employers with skilled, qualified workers.
  • (502) 365-6369
    Our mission is the intellectual empowerment and character development of Louisville youth through the sport of team chess.
  • (502) 479-9180
    Compassionately welcomes and serves refugees through providing case management, comprehensive services and holistic programming.
  • (502) 895-8167
    Aims to make Kentucky the best place in America to be young by helping individual families in crisis and by working to create policies that help all children be safe, healthy, and secure.
  • (502) 322-4036
    A grassroots non-profit ​​located in Louisville, KY accompanying families in the Latinx community. ​La Casita Center's mission is to empower these families, providing a foundation for systemic change with long-term effects.
  • (502) 584-1254
    A nonprofit law firm providing civil legal aid to people living in poverty. Our services are always free.
  • 812-225-0784
    Educating the public about Black history, the Brown School has functioned as a cultural/educational facility for over 25 years and has hosted classes, exhibits, performances.
  • 502-742-1050
    Life Development Corporation, Inc. is a Black-led grassroots nonprofit organization that empowers and supports communities in Metro Louisville and surrounding counties through collaborative outreach efforts, by supporting the unsupported. LDC does this by promoting positive and healthy lifestyles and addressing the challenges and meeting the needs of our community through 5 focal points: Physical, Social, Intellectual, Financial and Political.
  • (502) 897-1655
    Lifehouse is a residential maternity home serving teens and women in crisis pregnancy. A growing number of our residents are escaping human trafficking or are at risk of being trafficked.
  • (812) 948-8330
    Provides a variety of supportive services for frail older persons and individuals with disabilities who have multiple needs.
  • (502) 964-5909
    An Out of School Time Program specializing in Youth Development with JCPS Gap students in a FREE program providing reading/literacy, STEM, College and Career Readiness, and enrichment programs that focus on the whole child. We want students to have a life long love of learning.
  • (502) 882-5490
    Promotes financial stability by providing moderate/low income residents with free tax preparation and linkages to other asset building products like reduced fee banking.
  • (502) 583-8821
    Promotes self-sufficiency in the Russell neighborhood through a variety of programs and services for pre-schoolers, school-age and adult populations.
  • 502-574-1611
  • (502) 574-4377
    Provides essential services for Louisville residents, especially for low-and-moderate-income populations, including: preventing homelessness; delivering Meals on Wheels; helping families build financial stability and security; operating LIHEAP to help residents stay safe and warm; making microloans to jumpstart small businesses; and supporting eight Neighborhood Places.
  • (502) 585-4622
    About jobs, justice, education, housing and health, connecting residents to jobs, supporting educational growth, putting families into homes, and championing justice/equity.
  • (502) 430-2016
    Louisville Youth Group (LYG) is the primary LGBTQIA+ nonprofit community serving LGBTQIA+ youth in Kentuckiana. We provide a safe space for gender and sexuality diverse young adults to grow their identities, learn leadership skills, and develop the tools needed to both thrive personally and to act as agents of change in their communities.
  • (502) 368-8446
    The Center is a safe place for youth 12-17 to gather for out-of-school opportunities at Lynnhurst United Church of Christ. We work with high school students from Iroquois High School and the surrounding neighborhoods. The church and the high school are perfectly situated right next door to each other on Taylor Blvd.
  • (502) 363-9087
    Helps meet the basic human needs of neighbors in crisis through direct services, practical education, and advocacy. Desiring to reach out to others while maintaining the personal dignity of the individual and fostering a continued spirit of community. Assisting neighbors in the 40213, 40217, 40219 and 40229 zip codes.
  • 502-403-5921
    Developing, promoting and improving the wellness of individuals, families, and community through prevention, intervention, and education.
  • A grassroots organization committed to addressing some of the complex issues that face the Russell community. Its primary goal is engaging residents of the Russell Neighborhood, particularly from Beecher Terrace, in holistic approaches to community development.
  • (502) 584-9254
    Through impactful programming serving children and adults, reaching people of all cultures, nationalities, ages, and geographic areas preserves and shares the legacy and ideals of Muhammad Ali, to promote respect, hope, and understanding, and to inspire adults and children everywhere to be as great as they can be.
  • (502) 584-1133
    NCFL works to eradicate poverty through education solutions for families. Partnering with educators, literacy advocates, and policymakers, NCFL develops and provides programming, professional development, and resources for families.
  • (502) 855-3300
    A non profit, faith-based middle school serving students from compromised financial circumstances. We offer a rigorous private school education and follow our graduates through post-secondary education.
  • (502) 774-2322
    A community center serving infants through senior citizens from Portland and surrounding neighborhoods of West Louisville.
  • (812) 949-4200
    Engaging the community in education and investing resources to help all students achieve academic success by providing support for programming, equipment and materials.
  • (812) 949-4200
  • (502) 589-2272
    A community development organization that strengthens civic and volunteer participation to challenge the forces that undermine neighborhood and family stability. The agency was created in 1969 through ecumenical efforts centered at Saint William Church, located at 13th and Oak Streets in Louisville.
  • (812) 347-2407
  • 502-629-1234
  • (502) 500-3953
    The Oldham County Educational Foundation supports the mission of the Oldham County Schools by providing financial support for the district's programs and initiatives.
  • (502) 222-3516
    Serving Oldham County for over fifty years while providing a variety of programs to protect resident's health and the health of the community. The clinic is open Monday through Friday, and offers many services and resources.
  • (502) 222-9713
    Providing education, entertainment, and enrichment to the community through materials, programs, services and community interaction.
  • 812-590-3702
    Social service organization providing counseling, training, and advocacy [mediation] services for Teens and Families.
  • (800) 299-1627
    On My Way Pre-K awards grants to 4 year olds from low-income families so that they may have access to a high-quality pre-K program the year before they begin kindergarten. Families who receive a grant may use the grant at any approved On My Way Pre-K program.
  • (812) 945-3400
    Provides a continuum of evidenced based programming to diverse groups supporting education, prevention, intervention and treatment of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse.
  • 502-650-2938
    Out Loud Louisville is an organization that fostets the self-esteem and creative expression of girls, non-binary youth, and other trans and gender expansive youth. We hold music education programs, workshops, and camps that center music, self-esteem, and community building.
  • (502) 589-6583
    Along with our partners in 88 schools and 67 neighborhood sites have taught nonviolent conflict resolution to young people and adults for 35 years.
  • (812) 283-8383
    Provides mental health counseling, music therapy, and outreach programs to all ages in 12 Indiana counties and four Kentucky counties.
  • 502-558-1224
    Promoting mental wellness and resiliency and reducing stigma for Louisville's young black males.
  • (502) 759-8231
    Creating safe spaces and judgment free zones filled with resources and positive energy for families to enjoy. We are intentional about getting families out into positive spaces like farms, forests, and museums.
  • (859) 233-9849
    Believing that education is the path to a larger life for all Kentuckians, works to help citizens become informed and engaged advocates for excellence in our state’s educational endeavors. Insight forged from our diverse experiences, our collaboration and commitment to education’s role in creating successful people and communities propel everything we do.
  • 502-912-3492
    Bringing urban projects from the west and east ends of Louisville together using an intergenerational approach to become the center of success for everyone from at risk youth, to Military Veterans.
  • 502-802-9224
    Serves youth in low income neighborhoods of Louisville's West End 40210, 40212, 40212 and educates youth interested in learning about songwriting, music recording, copyrights,publishing etcetera. Our curriculum acclimates youth into entrepreneurship.
  • (812) 945-4063
    Serves individuals with developmental challenges including children's services, adult recreational and educational day programs, employment programs and services, interpreting services, and residential supports.
  • (502) 772-7660
    River City Drum Corp Cultural Arts Institute, Inc. programs are designed to enhance the development of African American families with children through education, arts, and culture. They provide a structured environment and support system to stimulate youth as community leaders and create a community where live music is enhanced and strengthen through the “Spirit of the Drum.”
  • (502) 554-3770
    Empowering families and individuals to realize their potential and become self- sufficient by utilizing a network of resources that positively impact their social, emotional, physical, and economic well-being.
  • 502-210-1279
    The only museum in the Greater Louisville area that is dedicated to sharing, preserving, and building African American history and culture. Promoting understanding and inspiring appreciation of the achievements, contributions and experiences of African Americans.
  • A justice-based initiative focused on generating investments in the people and places that make Louisville's Russell neighborhood special. Helps facilitate new strategies that focus on Black wealth building and investments without displacement of residents or businesses.
  • (502) 589-8600
    Seven Counties Services is a Community Mental Health Center with a 60 year history offering a full range of mental health services, substance abuse treatment and intellectual and developmental disabilities services in Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Shelby, Spencer, Trimble and Henry counties.
  • (502) 633-2375
    Prepares wise life-long learners who can adapt and contribute knowledge and understanding to their world as demonstrated by national and state measures. Prepares wise students who lead by example and embrace social responsibility as demonstrated by an increase in the attendance rate, graduation rates and success rate of positive behavior interventions district wide.
  • (502) 955-7590
    Provides a Community Sharing Pantry filled with non-perishable food where you are free take if you are in need and give if you can spare the extra. The mission and purpose of the pantry is help others that may be stretched a little thin and are short on the basics. It is never locked and is always open 24/7 for your convenience.
  • (502) 447-4330
    Dedicated to transforming lives and strengthening the fabric of the Shively community by providing emergency, short-term and, in some cases, ongoing assistance to individuals and families in poverty and crisis in the 40216 ZIP code.
  • (812) 246-3375
  • (502) 822-3975
    Breaks the cycle of poverty by connecting children and families to high-quality services, information, and skills they need to reach their highest potential. Focuses on high-quality early childhood, development and interventions, as well as before and after school enrichment and tutoring for low-income families. As a trauma-informed center, it provides extended services to families including but not limited to counseling services, occupational therapy, speech therapy, plant-based food program, gardening, sensory integration, trauma resilience education and active participation.
  • (502) 242-7458
     Smoketown Family Wellness Center strives to establish healthy lifestyles from the beginning of life, providing education and programming for children and their families in a safe community environment.
  • (502) 584-2480
    Serves people in need, including those who are homeless, living in poverty, or suffering from addiction and mental illness, as well as those people who are in crisis or facing unexpected hardship. Through a continuum of care that includes food, shelter, affordable housing, counseling and emergency financial assistance with rent and utility bills, St. Vincent de Paul assists people, regardless of their background or faith, with the goal of helping each person achieve self-sufficiency.
  • 502-299-8808
    Dedicated to assisting Somalis in Kentucky with obtaining the necessary resources, services, information, and skills needed to build productive and self-sufficient lives in the broader community. Focusing on education, mutual assistance, cultural identity, and leadership.
  • (812) 738-2168
  • (502) 367-6445
    Provides emergency assistance and compassionate advocacy to low-income neighbors in crisis while addressing immediate needs of hunger and stable housing and creating lasting community.
  • (502) 935-0310
    Supports Southwest Jefferson County through a food pantry, tutoring programs for at-risk youth, a clothes closet, and a soon-to-be opened homeless day shelter/resource center.
  • (502) 930-3478
    Preparing diverse youth academically and socially for the adverse moments in life by instilling accountability, expectations, structure and faith.
  • (502) 775-6232
    A thriving resource for the youth of West Louisville providing a safe, welcoming and educational environment for youth grades K -12. Offers after-school and summer programs that address the social and emotional needs of young people to prepare them for school, work and life.
  • (502) 608-2115
    The Steam Exchange is a community arts organization based in the Smoketown neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky where people of all ages and socioeconomic levels have access to tools and training to produce creative works. Steam Exchange facilitates passion-driven learning experiences where individuals explore the arts through creative play and production. They use the arts as a platform for young people to engage with concepts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in innovative ways (STEAM). They foster a sense of community, pride and ownership in the Smoketown neighborhood and to encourage community-based creative entrepreneurship by connecting people with the skills and facilities to develop quality projects.
  • (502) 767-6663
    Helps prepare and support talented underserved middle school students for greater academic success and increased confidence, emphasizing math, reading, writing and critical thinking skills.
  • Uses academic research to provide technology education for the purpose of empowering the communities of underrepresented groups in computer science.
  • (502) 821-6992
    An umbrella organization bringing 13 Louisville, Kentucky-based Community Ministries together to serve residents on a neighborhood level. The network is proud to be a national model providing emergency assistance to neighbors in crisis across the entirety of our community.
  • 502-354-3667
    Advocates with young people who lack equitable access to education and employment due to educational disruptions, childhood trauma, racial or social discrimination, or economic hardship through research, programs, and network building.
  • (502) 581-7200
    Comprehensive wrap-around services support victims of intimate partner abuse or sexual violence and their children to achieve self-sufficiency and establish independent, violence-free lives.
  • (502) 491-0072
    As the only farm-based education program in the Louisville area, The Food Literacy Project provides farm-based experiential education and entrepreneurial youth development programs that bring the Field-to-Fork experience to life for local youth.
  • (502) 671-4900
    Provides shelter, meals, emergency assistance and case management to homeless individuals and families, as well as transitional housing.
  • (812) 944-1018
    Supports self-sufficiency and long-range stability through case management in emergency financial assistance and provides diverse programming for youth and seniors.
  • 502-321-7925
    As the home of grassroots activism for civil rights and social justice, ensuring the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and eliminating racial hatred and racial discrimination.
  • (502) 457-0719
    Investing resources in underserved communities in order to address and narrow the health equity gap. Providing comprehensive prevention and healthcare services to high risk populations and partnering with organizations to strengthen the capacity of public health services for our most underserved residents.
  • (502) 230-9556
    Tiger Strike Martial Arts Academy is a nonprofit mentor and self-defense program made available for children of low-income households throughout the city of Louisville. We pride ourselves in providing these children a quality out-of-school-time program that helps develop self-defense skills, discipline, confidence and overall good character. Our goal is to make an impact on our communities through the lives of our students.
  • (502) 222-1349
    Senior Citizen site based services and in home support. Multi-layered programming for seniors and low income families; Respite, Food, Emergency financial, Heat, Weatherization, Transportation.
  • (502) 488-5046
    To assist the Bullitt County/ Lebanon Junction area with food and the delivery of meals to those who are shut in and/or no transportation.
  • (502) 893-0346
    A community ministry sponsored by 21 churches /religious institutions within Crescent Hill, Clifton, Clifton Heights, and Butchertown for the purpose of providing vital social services to the residents of these four neighborhoods. Serving Our Neighbors and Building Better Community with a wide range of services that includes: food and financial assistance, youth programming, senior services, community development and organization, outreach, referral and information, and advocacy.
  • (502) 589-6897
    Supporting statewide education initiatives and effective public policy to improve community conditions across the Commonwealth. United Way of Kentucky works every day to ensure that kids get a great start through early childhood education initiatives, advocates for government policies that strengthen Kentucky families and communities, and provides local United Way organizations with the resources and training opportunities they need to better serve you, right in your neighborhood.
  • 502-852-2031
    Our vision is to be a leader in advancing health equity and social justice to ensure optimal health and well-being for all. We work in underserved communities to better understand health issues, identify resources, and develop creative strategies for using the resources available to address local priorities.
  • (502) 636-0771
    VOA serves 5,800 people per year by supporting: veterans, families with housing instability, adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, addiction recovery, HIV testing, and restorative justice.
  • (502) 968-8231
    Helping people help themselves, the agency provides childcare, youth services, computer education, English as a second language, a gently used store, and free tax assistance.
  • (502) 409-7371
    Serving the needs of people by providing emergency financial assistance, crisis management, community empowerment, and self-sufficiency training and counseling.
  • A community initiative to build skills in math, science and literacy among families within the African diaspora.
  • 502-299-6496
    Utilizes music and media technology to provide youth with a safe environment to explore their creativity, develop transferrable skills for their future, and discover healthier alternatives to process social and emotional trauma.
  • (502) 587-9622
    Nurtures the healthy development of children, encourages positive behavior in teens, gives families the support they need to succeed, and creates an environment of safer and healthier neighborhoods. All programs are dedicated to strengthening developmental assets and building character through strategic priorities of Health, Education, Connecting People and Accessibility.
  • (812) 734-0770
    Putting Christian Principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. Programs are available to all people regardless of age, income, race, religion, abilities or sex. Through our Open Doors Program, financial assistance is available to qualified families and individuals.
  • (502) 290-1481
    We are a nonprofit organization in Louisville, KY that inspires students ages 6 - 18 from under-resourced communities to grow their imaginations through writing—to see minds open and pencils move. We fulfill our mission through writing and publishing programs, creative partnerships with schools, and a community of engaged volunteers.
  • (812) 280-0028
    Brings caring adults into schools to address students' unmet needs; providing academic interventions, mental health resources, and out-of-school time programming.
  • (502) 290-6121
    YouthBuild Louisville is an education, job training, and leadership program that provides low-income young adults ages 18-24 opportunities to realize their potential as active community leaders.
  • (502) 830-9460
    A maternity program that provides essential services to expectant mothers through a holistic approach. One of the primary objectives of the program is to address the racial disparities that persist in maternal morbidity and infant health amongst Black Women.


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