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Data shows that the need in our community is larger than the resources available. The Greater Louisville region’s nonprofit donations are in the bottom tier of our peer cities and we rank 5th in the country for concentrated poverty and have twice the eviction rate of the national average.

Metro United Way unites and empowers communities by harnessing the power of donors, volunteers, thought leaders, experts, other nonprofits and government at all levels to ensure positive, sustainable change across our seven-county region.

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Our team is devastated by the loss of our President and CEO’s son, KJ Rhodes, as well as his brother, Jalen Davis-Rhodes. Adria is more than our leader. She’s our family, and when she hurts, we all do. In moments like these, we feel hopeless and powerless, but all of our love and support are devoted to ensuring care for Adria and her family.

Thank you to those of you who have reached out to staff and board members. We have set up a memorial scholarship fund in KJ’s name, called The K.E.N. Fund, The King – Elaines’ Nobility Scholarship Fund to honor his life and legacy. Elaine is the middle name of both Adria and KJ’s sister, Brenlie.

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