Giving Stock to Metro United Way

We work hard to make this easy.

  1. Determine what stocks or mutual funds you’d like to donate.
  2. Talk to your broker about your gift to Metro United Way. If we don’t have an account with your brokerage firm, we’ll either open an account or have the stock wired to our account at Hilliard Lyons – A Baird Company.
  3. You or your broker should contact Metro United Way. You should speak with Lynn Armstrong, (502) 292-6146.

Things Metro United Way will need to know:

  • Donor name(s)
  • Stocks or mutual funds being donated
  • Number of shares being donated
  • The date the transfer will be made to Metro United Way
  • Whether the stock will be transferred to an in-house account or to Hilliard Lyons – A Baird Company

Things your broker will need to know:

  • Metro United Way’s in-house account number at your brokerage firm OR
  • Metro United Way’s Hilliard Lyons – A Baird Company account number, 8682-7054, and DTC # 0547. The account contact is Andrew Bronger, (502) 420-1399 or

Donate now

Contact Andrew Bronger at (502) 420-1399 or for more information.


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