A team dedicated to building an exemplary community

Not only do we have a team that aspires to make our region a prime example of how communities can be, we also have a team that has the talent, drive, and resourcefulness to make it happen.


We strive to reflect our community and embed diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work. Read our Diversity & Inclusion statement here.

Executive Team

  • Theresa Reno-Weber

    President and CEO

    Metro United Way

  • Adria Johnson

    Chief Impact Officer

    Metro United Way

  • Ben Donlon

    Chief Analytics Officer

  • Carmen Hickerson

    Vice President of Strategic Relations and Events

  • Daryle Unseld, Jr.

    Chief Equity Officer

  • David Lopez

    Chief Development Officer

  • John Blair

    Chief Brand Officer

  • Maggie Elder

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Mary-Gwynne Dougherty

    VP, Human Resources

  • Phillip Bond

    VP, Chief Financial Officer

Community Impact Team

  • Amy Neal

    VP, Early Childhood Success

  • Angela Ditsler

    Director, Youth Success

  • Ashley Brandt

    Manager, Early Childhood Success

  • Ashley Pirtle

    Manager of Community Volunteer Engagement

  • Cindy Lehnert

    Manager, Community Investment

  • Corinne Rice

    Developmental Screening Coordinator

  • Erica Price

    Director of Regional Community Impact

  • Felicia Young

    Senior Manager, Youth Program Quality

  • Glen Powell

    Director, 2-1-1

  • Jan Sherrell

    Senior Manager, Healthy Lives

  • Ji Ji El Masri

    Senior Manager, Early Childhood Success

  • John Nevitt

    Senior Manager, Financial Independence

  • Julie Bowie

    Assistant, Developmental Screening

  • Keni Brown

    Senior Project Manager, United Community

  • Kimberly Broecker

    Manager, Developmental Screening Hub

  • Lutisha Buckner

    Engagement Coordinator

  • Mandy Simpson

    Director of Engagement

  • Margaret Seifert

    Manager, Corporate Volunteer Engagement

  • Matt Cody

    Manager, Quality Coaching

  • Michelle Elsby

    Operations Specialist, Early Childhood Success

  • Mike Degen

    Manager of Youth Success Data Integration

  • Pam Ottersbach

    Director, Regional Community Impact

  • Rita Cameron

    Community Impact Assistant

  • TJ Delahanty

    Senior Manager, Youth Success

Database and Analytics Team

  • Emily Sprawls

    Database Coordinator

  • Jasleen Sethi

    Data Analyst

  • Stephanie Burton

    Manager of Databases

Equity Team

  • Malissa Love

    Finance & Equity Assistant

  • Mia Cooper

    Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Yvette Gentry

    Project Director, Black Male Achievement

Operations Team

  • Dennis Renschler

    Director, Technology & Central Services

  • John Sands

    Central Services Coordinator

  • Lynn Armstrong

    Central Services Assistant

  • Theresa Hettinger

    HR Generalist

Executive office

  • Alice Barnett

    Executive Assistant

Finance team

  • Alayna Middleton

    Pledge Processing Assistant

  • Debbie Polston

    Accounts Payable Assistant

  • John Fasteen


  • Lisa Breit

    Accounting Director

  • Sandra Taylor

    Senior Manager, Campaign Processing

  • Shawna Atwell

    Pledge Processing Assistant

  • Tracy Waugh

    Pledge Processing Coordinator

Marketing and communications team

  • Alex Clark

    Digital Communications Manager

  • Jill Young

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Lisa Henderson

    Marketing and Engagement Assistant

  • Melody Murphy

    Director of Digital Engagement

  • Taysha Farley

    Marketing Brand Coordinator

Community development team

  • Amanda Weegens

    Assistant, Community Development

  • Amy Martin

    Development Assistant

  • Brittney Ridge

    Community Development Manager

  • Carmen Mitchell

    Development Manager

  • Dee Dee Flynn

    Development Manager

  • Donna Wooten

    Senior Manager, Community Development

  • Johnny Fontaine

    Development Assistant

  • Kelsey Boone

    Development Manager

  • Kelsey Harris

    Major Gifts Assistant

  • Laura Tornes

    Grants Manager

  • Leslie Bowles

    Director of Gift Planning

  • Melissa Cummings

    Director of Regional Development

  • Mellissa Yeagle

    Grants Director

  • Meredith Loeb

    Director of Tocqueville Society

  • Nicole Breyette

    Director, Community Development

  • Roberta Steutermann

    Director of Regional Community Development

  • Theresa Burridge

    Community Development Manager

  • Victoria Monday

    Regional Community Development Manager


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