When we have strong households we are creating pathways out of poverty to prosperity which is a win for all of us. This builds a strong Greater Louisville region and ensures we are meeting needs, providing opportunities, and building futures for every person in every neighborhood.

The Need



14.9% of Kentucky’s population lives below the poverty line 

7th poorest state in the country 

42nd worst economy in the country 

Louisville has the 5th highest percentage of population living in poverty in the country 

There is a 12-year life expectancy gap between West and East Louisville 

There is a waiting list for affordable housing in Louisville and the rate of annual rental increase has more than doubled from 2021 – present

Homelessness has increased by 41% from 2018 to 2021 in Louisville

4,837 students in our 7-county region (Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham counties in Kentucky; Clark, Floyd, Harrison counties in Indiana) were homeless at some point in the 2020-2021 school year

115,798, or 9.5% of individuals in our 7-county region are food insecure

The resources available in a neighborhood make a significant difference for the children who grow up there. On average, children who grow up in a neighborhood in the top 20% of resources can expect to earn 46% more in annual salary compared to children who grow up in the bottom 20% of neighborhoods


12.2% of Indiana’s population lives below the poverty line 

20th highest poverty rate in the country 

1 in 5 families in MUW’s 7-county region struggle to make ends meet  

Nearly 4 in 10  Americans don’t have $400 to cover a minor emergency without having to borrow or sell a possession  

There are huge disparities between average White and Black household wealth as well as discrepancies between White and Black homeownership rates  


Sources: Zillow ZORI metric, Louisville Metro Housing, Coalition for the Homeless, Feeding America, Opportunity Atlas, MUW data analysis

What We're Doing Together
To Help

  • Offering financial coaching for individuals in WORKFORCE TRAINING.
  • Providing INVESTMENTS and CAPACITY BUILDING for entrepreneurs in marginalized communities.
  • Facilitating consultation for employers to CREATE INVITING WORKPLACES for diverse populations.
  • Giving FREE TAX ASSISTANCE to leverage Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC).
  • Preventing HOMELESSNESS and SCHOOL INSTABILITY through investments and training.
  • Ensuring everyone has access to MAINSTREAM FINANCIAL EDUCATION and BANKING SERVICES.
  • Providing 2-1-1 HELP CENTER to connect those in need with a vast network of resources.
  • Identifying urgent needs and leading VOLUNTEER projects, events, and experiences that meet those needs.
  • Leveraging technology to create a cross-sector COORDINATED CARE EFFORT.
  • BUILDING BEDS for kids who need them.
  • INVESTING IN and BUILDING CAPACITY of organizations that provide safety net services.

We are working collaboratively to help individuals increase their earned income, retain more of their income, and expand access to resources for entrepreneurs that are underrepresented. We are also helping to meet urgent, basic needs like housing, transportation, food, and more.

Here are some of the proven, long-standing programs and initiatives as well as innovative solutions that we work together on every day.

...and our partners in this work


  • More than 250,000 people were impacted by MUW-supported programs for the health and basic needs of individuals and families in our seven-county region.

  • 688 kids served this past year, 98% households were able to avoid a disruptive school move, 76% gained income stability, and 82% were able to gain stability with regards to their housing through our partnership with Siemer Institute.

  • 2,057 individuals in homeless prevention programs; 77% made progress toward financial sufficiency

  • 12 underrepresented entrepreneurs have raised $100K from 1,700 community members (and counting!)

  • 41,953 people contacted MUW's 211 call center for emergency assistance and referral

  • 7,041 people sought free tax assistance and MUW-supported programs helped return $9 million in refunds to them

  • 417 people sought skills development and training; 77% attained gainful employment

  • The Yeagers buy their first home thanks to Metro United Way's Southern Indiana Housing Pilot

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  • Impact of the YALift! Guaranteed Income Pilot

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  • Thank you for making The Greatest Give Back 2023 a success!

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It will take all of us working together to ensure every household in our community is strong. Join us and invest today.


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