For many children, moving into a bed of their own is a mark of maturity. After years of sleeping in a crib or sharing a room with their parents, they suddenly have their own cozy space for restful sleeping, daydreaming, reading, doing their homework when they are older, or just enjoying some quiet alone time. Even in a shared room, one’s own bed is an important asset. But not all children – especially those living in poverty – have that luxury. We partner with Southern Indiana schools in hopes of providing bed frames, mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows, and laundry bags to children that need them. We know that a good night’s sleep is important to a child’s academic success. Adverse effects caused by lack of sleep can include aggressive behavior and bullying, poor grades, short attention span, and disruptions in cognitive and linguistic function. Something as simple as providing children with their own place to rest, however, can improve overall performance in school. Getting enough sleep can support more creativity, enhance mood, fight sickness, and positively impact overall health.


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