Start United

Early Childhood Success The future is brighter when children find success.

Grow United

Youth Success Success breeds confidence and limitless opportunity.

Thrive United

Healthy Lives A healthy population means a healthy community.

Work United

Financial independence Financial stability allows for more opportunity and more success.
Get Help Now

Get Help Now

Real Numbers

The needs of our community are real, as is our work to meet those needs. Some of it’s astonishing, actually.

Financial Independence

Over $15M In tax refunds from VITA

Over 1,900 Individuals received assistance

Ready for K Alliance has seen a 190% increase in on-time kindergarten registrations

Over 20,000 youth benefited from quality out-of-school time programs and services.

Over 1,100 connections were made to physical or mental health services through 2-1-1

Of the families served by the Siemer Institute, over 80% increased their income

Real Stories

Our work has tangible results; it makes a real impact on real people. These are the stories that people like you have helped write.

Corporate Partners

Thank you to our top five corporate partners during our 2017 campaign.


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