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Early Care and Education The future is brighter when children find success.

Work United

Economic Mobility Financial stability allows for more opportunity and more success.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion All people deserve fairness, justice and inclusivity.
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Get Help Now

Real Numbers

The needs of our community are real, as is our work to meet those needs. Some of it’s astonishing, actually.

Early Childhood Success

5 Straight years outperforming peers in kindergarten readiness measures

Students in quality OST programs are 12% less likely to drop out of school

Students in quality OST programs are 67% less likely to be suspended

Over 43,000 free meals provided to those in need

Of the 2,200 people who received job skills training, 80% increased their wages

Serve 110,000 calls for help per year through our 2-1-1 helpline

Real Stories

Our work has tangible results; it makes a real impact on real people. These are the stories that people like you have helped write.

Corporate Allies

Thank you to our top five corporate partners during our 2020 campaign.


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