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Metro United Way 2022 Public Policy Agenda

Metro United Way recognizes that systemic change and lasting impact require a pairing of powerful programming and transformative policy making. Elected officials and administrative leaders are critical partners in promoting equity and opportunity for all people in the areas of education, economic mobility, and health, and as such, Metro United Way actively engages in public policy efforts.

The range of issues affecting our priorities is vast. To be effective, Metro United Way has a targeted public policy agenda below that has relevancy across our seven-county and two-state region.


Increase access to affordable, high-quality early childhood education programs through strategies, including increasing resources and eligibility for the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and public pre-kindergarten; permanently establishing state funding for full day public kindergarten; equitably reforming land development codes; and establishing public-private partnerships and incentives.
Ensure as many families as possible have access to evidence-based home visiting and parent support programs such as HANDS.
Improve and expand quality out-of-school-time programing as well as dropout prevention and recovery.
Support greater availability of safe, affordable housing opportunities for people at all income levels.
Improve access to reliable, quality healthcare programs and services.
Reduce barriers to vital short-term supports such as SNAP and TANF as well as important economic mobility drivers like tax credits and programs like VITA.
Align public benefits with accessible application and renewal processes and gradual benefits phase outs instead of eligibility cliffs to encourage movement toward self-sufficiency.
Expand access to paid family and medical leave programs that support our community’s children, families, workforce, and economy.
Strengthen and expand access to the United Community information and referral platform. Promote data systems that encourage accountability and reduce duplication amongst providers for desired individual outcomes.
Implement equitable, common-sense justice reforms that reduce financial conditions of bail, increase pretrial services, and promote successful reentry from the judicial system while strengthening public safety, family outcomes, and individual opportunities.
Support reforms that connect justice-involved children to family-focused services and prevent youth from entering and persisting in the justice system.
Allow voters the choice to empower local governments to invest in regional needs and opportunities by modernizing Kentucky’s Constitution.


Preserve and protect the tax-exempt status of nonprofits. Promote tax policy that empowers community solutions through nonprofits and encourages philanthropic giving through state and federal tax codes.
Establish pandemic relief and support vehicles that are accessible for all nonprofits and treat nonprofits equitably with for-profit businesses.




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