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Even if you don’t think you have skills, we can still use you. Occasionally we’ll need a set of particular skills on some jobs, but we can use pretty much everybody on any job. Who knows, you might find or learn skills you never thought you had. If you’re not sure or have questions, please contact our volunteer team. For questions about corporate volunteer opportunities, please contact Margaret Seifert. For questions about community volunteerism, please contact
Dulce Solorio

Thank you to the volunteers who helped us make an immediate impact at our Day of Action service projects this year!

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We love groups

Volunteering is a great group activity and we want to accommodate your group. Of course, not every group is a fit for every volunteer opportunity, so we ask that you complete our Corporate Volunteer Interest Form to help find the best fit!

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If you’re a 501(C)3, then we want to help. All you need to do is login or create an account, and then you can post your volunteer opportunities.

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If you’re looking for court-ordered community service or K-TAP eligible volunteer opportunities, please follow this link.

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