We envision the Greater Louisville region as a place where zip code doesn’t determine destiny and everyone has the opportunity to live up to their full potential. But the realities are that there are inequities and disparities all around us in educational attainment, occupational opportunity, employment, wages, home ownership, gender, race and ethnicity, access to healthy environments, and more.

The Need


In 2019, the poverty rate for African Americans in Louisville was around 26%, compared to approximately 10% for white residents.

In 2020, the high school graduation rate for African American students in Jefferson County Public Schools (which includes Louisville) was around 81%, compared to approximately 89% for white students.

As of 2019, African Americans made up about 20% of Louisville’s population but accounted for over 50% of the arrests made in the city.

In 2020, African American residents in Louisville experienced higher rates of chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension compared to white residents.


Sources: Data USA, Kentucky Department of Education, WFPL News, City of Louisville Health Equity Report, MUW data analysis

What We're Doing Together
To Help

  • Leading SPECIFIC INITIATIVES designed to lift under-resourced neighborhoods, individuals, and marginalized groups.
  • Investing in Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) LED NONPROFITS to address systemic inequities.
  • Investing in ENTREPRENEURS in under-resourced neighborhoods.
  • Offering RACIAL WEALTH GAP SIMULATIONS that take people on a historical journey to wealth building.
  • Hosting a FREE VIRTUAL SPEAKER SERIES on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) featuring best-selling authors and experts on equity.
  • Developing and maintaining best DEI PRACTICES, providing TRAININGS, and applying an EQUITY LENS to our community investments.

Here are some of the proven, long-standing programs and initiatives as well as innovative solutions that we work together on every day.

...and our partners in this work


  • Our Black L.O.V.E. Philanthropic Partnership that empowers and invests in Black led social change organizations entered the second year of its initial two-year round of investments in 19 non-profits.

  • 3,000 attended Beyond Buzzwords speaker series on diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Over 4,000 people participated in Racial Wealth Gap simulations

It will take all of us working together to ensure every individual in the Greater Louisville region has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Only then will we achieve an equitable community. Join us and invest today.


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