Young Adult Louisville Income for Transformation

Receive $500/month guaranteed income for 12 months with no strings attached.

YALift! is accepting applications (Feb 7 – Feb 21, 2022) for a guaranteed income pilot program to empower young adults to forge their own path toward financial security.

  • What is it?

    $500 a month for 12 months

    No rules about how the money is spent

    Up to 150 randomly selected recipients

  • Why?

    Gain financial stability

    Achieve long-term financial goals

    Build generational wealth

    Contribute to national research + advocacy for guaranteed income

  • Qualifications

    (Must meet both)


    Reside in the California, Russell, or Smoketown neighborhoods**


*Must be 18 – 24-years-old at the time of application deadline, February 21, 2022

** Eligible applicants must have as their primary residence in the following census tracts:

  • 17, 18 and 27 – California Neighborhood
  • 6, 24 and 30 – Russell Neighborhood
  • 62 – Smoketown Neighborhood

What do I have to do?

Application opens: 8:00 am EST February 7, 2022

Application closes: 11:59 pm EST February 21, 2022



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