Gregory Allen’s Chickasaw Little Library

Throughout Louisville, parents, neighbors, and the community are coming together to support getting more books into the hands of children and families who need them most. The children’s book exchange, called Little Libraries, aren’t much bigger than birdhouses and are helping spread literacy and make a big change in neighborhoods where it’s needed most.

The Little Libraries don’t require a library card or carry late fees. In fact, the front-lawn librarians don’t even mind if children keep the books. Each do-it-yourself library is a little unique and each neighborhood has a different story.

When Gregory Allen, a retired postal worker, heard about the opportunity, he stepped up to do his part. Mr. Allen is a Little Library host, taking care of a Little Library in his yard in the Chickasaw neighborhood. Gregory believes that reading opens the minds of young people and will help Louisville’s youth be more informed to tackle tough issues in life.

“I pray our community will embrace Little Libraries and that parents will read with and encourage children to read more.” – Gregory Allen

Mr. Allen is onto something. He knows, like a lot of us do, that reading is a gift that should be readily available everywhere. Unfortunately, books aren’t everywhere they need to be and as a result children, families, and entire communities suffer the consequences.

That’s why Gregory assists Metro United Way in making sure that books are available within walking distance for the children in his neighborhood. In addition to all the kids in the neighborhood, the Allens’ sixteen grandchildren get to enjoy the Little Library whenever they come to visit. They believe that reading allows children to see the world without leaving home, and gives them insight on different opinions, both good and bad.

When parents and children read together, their child’s vocabulary and understanding increases, they develop stronger parent-child bonds, and their children learn empathy. This leads to increased reading proficiency and ultimately higher graduation rates. Reading is fundamental, which is why Metro United Way’s Little Libraries are so important.

If you’re looking to make a lasting change, make a donation to help us stock our Little Libraries.

If you’d rather donate a book or two, please purchases directly from our Amazon wish list and have them shipped directly to Metro United Way.


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