Perpetual Curiosity

Perpetual Curiosity is a cross-departmental team of six current employees that is focused on designing, researching, developing, analyzing and suggesting new fundraising concepts and strategies.

Perpetual Curiosity will:

  • Work on 1-3 business challenges a quarter and seek to produce multiple experiments that seek to solve those challenges
  • Focus on quickly experimenting and examining results with an aim towards long-term solutions
  • Look for an idea’s “-ability” – viability and profitability
  • Prioritize speed and “the try”


Committee members will be asked to commit to the following:

  • Weekly one-hour meeting via Zoom
  • Participation in email conversations and instant messenger group
  • Sharing in independent project work (2-5 hours per week)
  • 3-month cycle commitment with potential to continue on for subsequent cycles

If selected for the team, committee members will have option of taking continuing education opportunities around innovation and cross functional team leadership.

Think you want to be part of this team?

The ideal PC’er will display the following:

  • Love for big ideas
  • Lack of fear of failure
  • Ability to juggle tasks of all sorts and all altitudes
  • Strategic vision
  • Aptitude for understanding a process and articulating what was learned


How will this team be chosen?

This team will be selected from submissions from interested parties and suggestions from executive and senior leadership. Applicants must have permission from their supervisor before officially joining the team.

Submission Form:


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