From their first month to six years old, your child is developing skills that set the foundation for lifelong success. By doing some fun, simple activities together and filling out the Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ), you'll be able to monitor your child’s early development and make sure they're on track.

ASQ makes it easy for you to understand how your child is developing. It identifies their strengths and provides activities to help them as they continue to learn. If your child needs assistance in a particular area, you'll receive information about resources and support that can assist them.

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If you have concerns about your child, or the Questionnaire shows a concern, you will be connected to resources that can address them.

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  5. When it’s time, we’ll send you the next Questionnaire. We’ll keep sending them every few months until your child is 5 1/2.


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If you live outside the Kentuckiana area and you have concerns about your child's development, try contacting your local school district or your state's early intervention program.

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