Ensuring children have an equitable start through free development screenings

At Metro United Way, we are proud to help parents of young children by offering invaluable tools for tracking their child’s development, ensuring they get the best start in life possible. The Ages and Stages Developmental Screening Hub is a free service available for parents in the seven counties that we serve – Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, and Shelby in Kentucky, and Clark, Floyd, Harrison in Indiana – who have a child younger than age 5

A child’s brain develops more in the first five years of life than at any other time. During these years, understanding how a child is learning and growing, celebrating their strengths, and having the tools to support their development will build the foundation for life-long learning.

Ages and Stages Questionnaires help parents with those key measures. These easy-to-fill-out surveys ask parents to test their child’s ability and knowledge of age-specific tasks. With each completed questionnaire, parents get a personalized review of their child’s answers, referrals to services if needed, a free book, and other tips and tools. It’s beneficial for all parents, from first-timers to those with several children. Using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire is one way parents can ensure their child starts on equal footing with their classmates once they enter kindergarten.

Here is a recent testimonial from a parent who has used the Ages and Stages Questionnaires for her three children. She wished to remain anonymous.

“I wanted to thank you and all of your colleagues for all of your hard work and dedication to children. As a new mother ten years ago, I was overwhelmed with “doing everything perfectly” for my son. I wanted to make sure he was healthy and developing well. Being a first-time parent, I didn’t know exactly what milestones should be met at certain ages. The Ages and Stages Questionnaire through Metro United Way’s Developmental Screening Hub was an answer to this! A friend recommended your program and it became an integral guide in letting me know what strengths and weaknesses my child had. Flash forward to now ten years later I am a mother of three children who each have their own personalities and met milestones at different paces. The ASQ was easy to fill out and I really appreciated getting feedback on areas their scores were a little lower than they should be. Two of our three struggled with eating and growth challenges and we were able to connect to some professionals to get them the extra help they needed. Happy to report they are all healthy and thriving now. Our kids loved when we read them the books that came in the mail! That was such a nice surprise to them. As our youngest heads off to kindergarten this August, we are confident she is prepared and appreciate the resources sent to us over the years supporting kindergarten readiness. We are grateful to Metro United Way and this free program available to so many families. It blessed ours and I pray it continues to bless many, many families in the years to come.”

To sign up for the Ages and Stages Developmental Screening Hub, or to learn more, visit metrounitedway.org/ASQ.


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